‘RULE OF 90’

Josiah, Ashley, Ron, Julie, Damien, Jennette, Ray

Josiah, Ashley, Ron, Julie, Damien, Jennette, Ray

Today is Russ’ birthday…Happy Birthday, honey! But more importantly to him, he reaches the ‘RULE OF 90.’ It was the first thing he said this morning. After working for 34+ years towards a goal, it’s a great feeling to make the mark.

Rule of 90 is a calculation of age and years of service with FPL that allows a person to retire with full medical benefits.  I’m sure it’s a bit more complicated than that, actually, I’m sure, because I have never actually been able to figure out exactly when this date would happen. We do have a co-cost in the insurance, but this is one of the freedoms we have that allows us to retire this young and pursue our dream of living aboard full time.

That explained, I wish to brag on my hubby for just a minute and thank him for being so diligent all these years at his job.  Having the privilege to work at the same job location as your husband gives you a little more insight into what he may have had to handle over the years.  I have first-handedly experienced the stress and pressure that predominates the nuclear plant work environment and an electric utility in general. I remember after only a few days of working there years ago, calling my friend, whose husband also works there, to tell her we cannot be upset with these guys when they come home all stressed out, this is a different world of rules and regulations that most do not experience.

1999 Capital Reef National Park

1999 Capital Reef National Park

Except for the 25 or so years that I was a hands-on mommy, my longest job run is maybe five years. I really can’t wrap my head around getting up every day for 34 years, especially when I know that not all those days were fun and exciting, and going to work. But, I know that he did that for his family (and maybe just a few toys, lol.) He has done well in providing financially, but more importantly, in spite of outage hours and supervisor demands, he has made time to show how important family is.  Boating, skiing, wake boarding, jet skis, sand-rails, camping trips, and even hanging disco balls in the living room are just a few of the things that come to mind. He has been a great dad to our four children and is already talking about the fun things he will now be able to do as a Pop Pop with more time.

Bahia Honda Bridge - FL Keys 2001

Bahia Honda Bridge – FL Keys 2001

Now I know Russ, and the first thing he would say about this is that he didn’t do enough or could have done a better job. Maybe, but just know this, honey, we, your family, love you for showing us diligence, responsibility and perseverance, and mostly just for loving us the way you do.

Happy rule of 90, Happy Birthday and job well done!

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