We’re Retired?


Sunset, ICW Marineland, FL 2015_06_19

Our first week has us asking, “we’re retired?” This is definitely a paradigm shift and I’m not sure who is having a bigger one, the newly retired, or me. I keep thinking that I am on vacation and will have to return soon, but as of today, we have been gone for two weeks, and Russ hasn’t worked for a month (just kidding honey.) We talked with an old salt, Duke, here at the dock the other day and he said it took him a while to get used to being retired, so here’s to getting used to something new.

We had time to visit with our son Damien, and daughter-in-law, Julie, on one of his days off…a Tuesday! We had a great time at the nearby sandbar and had fabulous BBQ at Captains BBQ at Bing’s Landing. Here are some shots from the sandbar, we were too busy stuffing our faces to get any BBQ selfies.


Jennifer, Damien, Julie and Russ, Sandbar, Matanzas Inlet 2015_06_16

Sandbar fun, Mantanzas Inlet 2015_06_16

Sandbar fun, Matanzas Inlet 2015_06_16

On Wednesday, Russ couldn’t sit still, so he moved the boat around in the slip to face the other way. It’s a much nicer view looking out into the harbor and intercoastal, but it seemed like a lot of extra work to me.


No Ka Oi bow out, No Ka Oi, stern out 2015_06_17

No Ka Oi bow out, No Ka Oi, stern out 2015_06_17

We have been taking lots of walks on the beach with Nyah, she has met several doggies to run around with and loves splashing in the surf. I did some writing this week and had an article accepted for publication. We stuffed ourselves with Judy and Tom one evening on their awesome Chris Craft cruiser, docked next to us. Bike riding, a little kayaking, and sunset watching (see Russ’ photo above) rounded out the week. We’re not sure how we will like this retirement thing, I guess we will just have to keep testing it out.


kayaking 2015_06_19

kayaking 2015_06_19

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads and Happy Father’s Day to Ira Baringer, we hope we make you proud and we hope you are looking down and enjoy seeing us on our sailing adventure, we miss you!


Ira Baringer, Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL 2010


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