Time Flies



A friend of mine used to use a saying about time flying, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t say when you’re having fun. Whatever he said was quirky and all these years later, all I can remember is hearing him say time flies, and it does.

I try to do a weekly recap of what we are up to, to keep a record for ourselves, let our kids know we are still alive and well, and of course to encourage everyone who follows us to go for their dream. I am pushing almost 3 weeks since my last post, so here is a little catch up of what been going on.

We have been doing much of the same; walking the beach, collecting sea glass, hanging out at the sand-bar, bike riding, full moon watching, and kayaking. Our next post in a few days will have all the details of those adventures.

2015_08 kayaking

2015_08 kayaking


In the mean time we have also been working out the bugs of living together in the confines of a 37 foot sailboat. Fortunately, no pictorial evidence exists. Who takes pictures of miserable? Which is why everyone always tell us how happy we look.

But, I was miserable and I couldn’t figure out why. I wasn’t sleeping, I was grumpy. The more sleep deprived I got, the more grumpy I became and the more I took out my misery on captain-sleeps-a-lot. It was getting out of hand to the point that I didn’t even like my own company.

We haven’t even done any serious sailing or gone to far away places yet. We are supposed to be working out the quirks and issues with the boat, not be on pins and needles waiting for a mutiny or for the Captain to send me home and be done with this.

I had a general idea that that “time of life” was in high gear and was contributing to my problems, as it has been on and off for the past couple of years, but I had no idea that all the changes in circumstance would exasperate it so much. After talking with my doctor and making some adjustments to my medicine, I am, for the most part, back to myself and am feeling better every day. We still have things to work on and adjustments to make, but at least a mutiny was abated.

I share this because, even though this is an adjustment period and I was prepared to work through lots of quirks and issues with the boat, maybe even a few confined space issues with the Captain, it wasn’t even on my radar that health issues might come up and that things could spiral out so quickly. It has given me quite a bit to consider and check into, because this might not have been so easily resolved if we were further away from home.

We both thought that since we have been at this for a while, that we had a general  idea of the kind of things that might come up. This learning curve caught us off guard, but we are moving through it so it doesn’t hold us back.

There will be setbacks and issues that seem to stand in the way of going for your dream, don’t let them take hold or hold you up too long, cause time flies.

2015_08_13 Feeling me again

2015_08_13 Feeling me again


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