Did Erica Mess with Your Week?

2015_08_25 Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine

2015_08_25 Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine

We had our first trial run with a potential hurricane as live-aboards. Erica had everyone in Florida and up the coast to South Carolina glued to the National Hurricane Center. There were more spaghetti (models) put out than you could find at Olive Garden. No firm warnings for Florida were issued, because of all the variables created when the storm crossed the islands of Hispaniola and Cuba. We can’t remember a scenario like that, ever.

So what are good sailors to do with a looming hurricane, a boat and a house that are hours away from each other, and you need to head back home for a bridal shower and a birthday party?

No, we did not cancel going home.

Yes, we prepared the boat for the kind of winds they were calling for if Erica had decided to come this way and we couldn’t get back in time.

We stripped everything off the deck that we could and stowed it below. This would have created an uncomfortable couple of days had we stayed on the boat. We put out extra lines and tied the boat out further into the slip for potentially higher tides and wind. In the past, we would have also taken the bimini off the frame, but with our solar panels, this is quite a job, so Russ reinforced the bimini with lines.

Here’s the stuffed boat and the cleared decks. The Boston Whaler was also girded up to the boat extra tight. Of course everyone knows the good news…Erica dissipated at sea and we just got more rain than we have been getting every day. Upon returning, we found everything in good order, except for the corner of the windshield cover coming loose. It was a good practice.

2015_07_27 Hurricane Erica preparations

2015_07_27 Hurricane Erica preparations

In other news we had a great week prior to the storm and also a nice visit home.

We took our bikes into St. Augustine on Saturday night (8/22) after church. We had dinner at One Twenty Three Burger House, a new diner style eatery on King Street. We had great burgers, but were too full to have ice-cream or a shake. Although, I did try a sample of the cappuccino ice-cream…mmm, going back for some of that, for sure. Then we rode downtown and parked ourselves on the corner of St. George Street and Hypolita Street, to listen to the music and people watch. The music was great and we are still wondering how people can walk in some of the shoes they were wearing, and why they would pick them to begin with.

2015_08_22 One Twenty Three Burger House

2015_08_22 One Twenty Three Burger House

I found this little guy on the beach. He is not a sea turtle, so I was a bit concerned. I left Mr. Gopher turtle alone and when I came back to check on him, he was gone, his tracks leading straight up the dune. I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

2015_08_23 Gopher Turtle on Marineland beach

2015_08_23 Gopher turtle on Marineland beach

Sunday night we had a wonderful dinner at Schooner’s with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Roger. It was a great evening of catching up and finding out what everyone is up too. These two amaze me, they work more hours a week at their church than they did before they retired!

2015_08_23 Aunt Mary, Uncle Roger, Jennifer, Russ

2015_08_23 Aunt Mary, Uncle Roger, Jennifer, Russ

The next day, we took the Whaler up to St. Augustine for lunch at Hurricane Patty’s and over to the Bridge of Lions for a look-see at downtown from the water. It was a perfect day.

2015_08_25 Hurricane Patty's and St. Augustine

2015_08_25 Hurricane Patty’s and St. Augustine

Well, we can’t have all play and no work, so Russ donned the dive gear to brush the bottom and check on the zincs. He was all about his business when two rather playful manatees came over to see how they might help him at his chores. I think he missed his Tom Sawyer moment to pass on his brush, but you know how that goes.

2015_08_26 Bottom cleaning with manatees

2015_08_26 Bottom cleaning with manatees

Then we packed up and went home for the weekend. It was perfect timing.

I was able to attend Lindsay Allison’s bridal shower and share in the fun and joy of her upcoming marriage to Doug Davis. This is a wonderful couple and the shower was beautiful. With the help of Allison Jochum, we decorated the prettiest bride ever with toilet paper and won the prize! Mine was this beautiful beach towel, perfect for this sailor girl.

2015_08_29 Lindsay's Bridal Shower

2015_08_29 Lindsay’s Bridal Shower

Russ did “manly” things, like changing fluids in his Harley and going for a ride. Then we were blessed to celebrate Curt Moore’s birthday and visit with many friends we haven’t seen in a long time. There is no pictorial evidence of the night’s adventure, which was a multi-stop tour from Jensen Beach to Port Salerno. I do believe, fun was had by all, even if one had to get older to instigate it.

Sunday night we had dinner with Russ’ mom, Joyce and she got to see his newest tattoo for the first time.

2015_08_30 Dinner with Mom

2015_08_30 Dinner with Mom

After picking up all the loose stuff that lives around our house, in case of any future hurricane threats, we loaded up the motorcycle on the trailer and headed back to the boat. Russ is seriously trying to figure out how to get his baby on the davits…I’m sure!

2015_09_03 Motorcycle Davits?

2015_09_03 Motorcycle Davits?

Well that’s our adventures for the past week or so, we hope that Erica did not mess with your week too much and that this coming Labor Day weekend is a special blessing for each of you.

2 thoughts on “Did Erica Mess with Your Week?

  1. Jennifer: I happened upon your blog and have enjoyed reading about your adventures. We retired and moved aboard our Cal 33 in March so we have a lot in common! We’re hoping to be somewhere in Florida the first week or so of December. Not sure where in Florida we will end up. All we know is it will be far enough south to stay warm.

    S/V FNR


    • Very much enjoyed perusing your blog, can’t wait to see how things go for you both. We shall be somewhere in Florida at least until the end of the year, just not sure where at any given point in time. Look forward to meeting you along the way.


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