‘Hamas: Green Turtle Cay 2016_05_03

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Our stay in Green Turtle was longer than expected, but it was a wonderful time of visiting with friends from home and those we have met along the way.

On our way from Crab Cay to Green Turtle, we ran close to shore because of unfavorable winds. Just before Cooper’s Town we noticed all this construction. Looks like a new marina and development, another spot for a mega-yacht or two.


New Development between Fox Town and Coopers Town.

We “ran” to White Sound on Green Turtle to avoid strong winds and stormy weather, which was predicted to come through on Wednesday. We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and were blasted on Wednesday night, starting at six in the evening until four in the morning. Our anchor dragged us around during the first squall, and fortunately it was still daylight for re-anchoring and for putting out a second anchor. It blew pretty hard all night long, with gusts up to 54 knots.This is a screen shot taken around midnight, although the highest winds happened around four in the morning.

Storm 2016_05_04

Storm 2016_05_04

We decided to anchor in the small lagoon, called Bone-fish Flats,  just off of White Sound. The entrance is a bit shallow at low tide, but once inside we had deep water, good holding, and only a few stray catamarans to share our spot with.


Bite off of White Sound, Green Turtle Cay

The first weekend in May, most years, New Plymouth hosts their Island Roots Festival. In the mid-eighteen hundreds, residents of Green Turtle moved to Key West and in 1977 both towns became Sister Cities. There were a few festivals to celebrate and in 2004 they made it an annual affair. Except next years has already been cancelled due to elections. We decided to walk our way around the cay rather than dingy over to the festivities. It was a beautiful day for a walk and for the festival.


Atlantic side bay, PB&J on Bahama bread is whats for lunch, rest up Captain for the long walk ahead.

The theme for the Island Roots Festival 2016 was “Adventure, Enterprise and Infamy.” We learned all sorts of things about piracy, wrecking, blockade running and bootlegging, in the Abacos through the years. The best thing for me was the small town feel of the festival, and the audience participation in the kids scavenger hunt. This young lady was the winner, and did so with plenty of stuff from our bag and person…shoes, hat, glasses, money…all returned with a big smile and thank yous.


Streets in New Plymouth, Nyah was a hit with all the kids, Pirates! Royal Bahamas Defense Force Marching Band, Our winner for the scavenger hunt.

Of course no festival would be complete with out food! Conch fritters and coconut sweets!

7e90770d6ee444cb8a430f0312bb19c3 (2)

Hung out to dry, coconut sweets, kids on stilts having a time, conch fritters (no I’m not deleting this pic Captain!,) Royal Bahamian Police Force Marching Band.

The Island Roots Festival is held on Friday and Saturday, and is concluded on Sunday morning with a community Service of Thanksgiving. All the churches on the cay come together and each has a part in the service. We enjoyed all the worship music and the messages.


Sunday morning worship Service of Thanksgiving, the conclusion of the Island Roots Heritage Festival.

We had a great time in Green Turtle hanging out with the crew from Saol Nua, Tommy, Alicia, Nevan and Rylan. Nyah enjoyed her daily romp with Sky. We had fabulous weather for snorkeling, conking, spear fishing, and beach days.


“How far do we have to dig to get to China, Captain Russ?”

We were excited when Ike and John arrived on Vela. They had a few false starts because of weather, but finally arrived so Ike could show John how to sail all around the Abacos, and to look up people he hasn’t seen since the last time he was here. Ike is one of  the Captains sailing mentors and they have known each other since the Captain was a small knot. It was nice getting to know John, thanks for sharing them, Fran and Janet!


Ike and John exploring New Plymouth.

We had a fish fry with all the goodies from the sea, the boys had collected.


Saol Nua and Vela anchored up with us. John, Tommy, Ike and Nevan full of fish and conch, Alicia and I with Rylan in the background.

Exploring is always interesting with the Captain, Oh, the things you will see…


You probably shouldn’t drink the water. Did you apply sunscreen? This is real boat-trash now, anything left to salvage? Remnants of an old house built on a cistern, next time lets bring the spot light.

I never have a dull moment with the Captain, but this area seems to attract excitement too. On our way back from snorkeling one afternoon, we watched this sea plane take off from picking up or dropping someone off at this mega-yacht. I think the water slide looks fun!


Zoom Zoom having fun in the Sea of Abaco.

Just a few of our finds that aren’t keepers. You can’t eat the Helmet conch so we took pics and put them back. Later we were in a shop and they were selling for $200. I think they are prettier on the bottom.


Helmet conch and starfish.

More exploring in New Plymouth and lunch at Pineapples.

5405dfbd9d8d4fa6a21b334498ff330c (3)

New Plymouth (festival in background,) parking boats…must wait for high tide to go out, sunset on the Sea of Abaco.


5405dfbd9d8d4fa6a21b334498ff330c (2)

Pineapples pool and view is beautiful. Coca Cola Bahamas, Counter at Pineapples.

Sometimes, I run out of things to do, so I do crazy stuff, like take the dog kayaking. This is trust…she really did not want to do this, but patience and persistence won, she climbed aboard and went to shore and back with me!


Kayaking with Nyah.

This is Eddie. Eddie makes the best conch salad in Green Turtle. You can find him most days at Green Turtle Club Marina. This is Captain Russ, he finds me conch. He also cleans the conch. After eating Eddie’s conch salad, I decided to try and make my own. Not bad for a white girl!


Eddie making conch salad. Captain and his conch finds. My conch salad.

We interrupt paradise with some more rain. Might as well get the laundry done.


Laundry at the creek is over-rated.

Nyah is glad she wears her coat 24/7, she does not have to do laundry.


Really? This is my space!

Some more exploring, this time on the west side of the cay.


More beautiful beaches. For Sale! Can we afford it? Probably not if the neighbors have sea-planes in their back yards.

And every May we have Mother’s Day. Thank you Captain for the scrumptious breakfast and for making my day so special.


Mother’s Day breakfast.

On our second Sunday in Green Turtle, we visited New Plymouth Gospel Chapel and enjoyed Sunday School. The boys take turns asking the congregation what song they would like to sing, someone raises their hand and is called out. Then the boy repeats the name of the song before everyone sings. The lesson from Malachi by Eddie Schwartz was good too.


Sunday School. What song should we sing?

More friends to meet up with. John Briggs from Julie Ann, was kind enough to bring us a few necessities from home and we had a great visit with him and his sister Diana over on Manjack one afternoon.


Captain and John Briggs, two FPL’rs, living it up the ‘Hamas.

They headed on their way to points beyond, because poor John is still on a vacation schedule. But we found them again when we needed a Whale Cay Channel report on our way out of Green Turtle.


Julie Ann, Whale Cay Channel, Abaco


This is Vertrum Lowe from Vern’s Model Ship Shop. His dog Rumbly was with him and they opened up the shop to show me around. Vert was born 83 years ago in the house that sits right in front of his shop. Not only did he show me the ships he had on display, but also the photo album of the many beautiful works he had done over the years. He was very familiar with South Florida, having family over there and was such a joy to talk with. There was only one “bench” tool in the shop, a band saw, all work is done the old fashion way. Definitely worth a stop and a chat if you have the time.IMG_9747

We had nineteen sunsets in Green Turtle, it was nice to spend quality time exploring and hanging out with friends. Thanks for stopping by on our adventure.




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