‘Hamas: Grand Cays 2016_07_19

1 IMG_0909 (4) cover

Grand Cays was our last main stop on this Bahamas trip. Depending on what you look at, it is referred to as Grand Cay or Grand Cays. It is really a group of small cays, South of Walker’s Cay. Little Grand Cay (according to the chart books we have aboard) is the main island where its 350 plus residence live and work. This is the closest Island to Walker’s Cay, which was destroyed by Hurricanes Frances and Jean back in 2004, and is where many of the residents of Grand Cay used to work.

We love, love, love the Grands. The people are wonderful. The cay is friendly. There is no pretense here. The tourists are usually a bunch of fishermen and their families, who just like to fish. They come over from Florida for a few days to a week, on whatever fishing boat they felt safe to cross the Gulf-Stream in. Some fly over to hang out on the beautiful cay. All of whom you will eventually sit down at the picnic table and chat with if you hang around long enough. And you’ll want to hang around a bit, there is plenty of options for having fun.

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Long travel day for Nyah, we left Allens Pensacola for Grand Cays. top right and bottom left is outside of the Harbour of Little Grand Cay. The tower is still standing, and there are new houses since our last visit.

This is Little Grand Cay Harbour. The two story dock deck house is next to Flanigan’s Houseboat and usually flanked by the Big Daddy, Little Daddy and the Wee Daddy. The kids always enjoy jumping from up there too. Rosie’s place is the restaurant, but there is also a liquor store, grocery and marina and fuel docks. The guys from the Defense boat stopped by for a few hours for some “refreshments” dock side.

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Sights around the harbour. Top left, No Ka Oi, mid, Rosie’s docks, right, Rosie’s cargo barge. Middle row, left, Rosie’s docks and the Flanigan’s two story dock deck house, right, house on Grand Cay. Bottom, main street and the Bahama’s Defense Force stopped by for a few hours.

Our first stop is always Iris’ bakery. Her bread and baked goods are always yummy!!! We had bread, banana bread, and coconut sweets.

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Dinner at Rosie’s is a must. we had grouper and much fun!

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Rosie’s for dinner. My grouper was baked.

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The Captain’s was fried!

Cigars and sillies around Grand Cay.

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Police, I need help with this guy!

7.5 IMG_0121

This, Captain, is why I’m always behind…just one more pic.

We went kayaking all around Grand Cay. There were lots of coves and creeks and of course, beautiful beaches.

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I’m finally getting in front of you Captain!

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11 IMG_0137

This is the electricity going to Grand Cays from Walker’s Cay.


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End of the trail overlooking the beach of Grand Cay.

14 241b96bfa7c54dc0a096dcbaf2976a58

top right, trail from creek to beach. Open fields with benches and table for gatherings, we assume. Rocky beaches are still awesome.

15 c61cf0ad6546453a9c42321a3e547207

Crabs and shells

16 IMG_0175 (2)

The little bird was not happy with the big bird. He chased him all around the pond several times making quite the ruckus.

17 971eba00b49d47fca5019a4065dd12bb

“I see you!” says the Conch. Starfish, large lizards came dashing out for my dropped cracker. It’s just a shark!

We headed over to Seal Cay because we heard about the cave. We always have to check out caves.

18 49839884cf434cdfbcfb1c6cf7cef1d6

How to park. Get dingy in the right spot, toss out the stern anchor, adjust, tie up the front, adjust…pray it doesn’t get away somehow.

There were two memorials on Seal Cay, one for Joe “Big Daddy” Flanigan and one for Donald Wood. Be sure to bring your shoes, this is a rocky place.19 ea11643807bb48d2b386a65d9634e113

Seal Cay was really small, but beautiful just the same.

20 dd3343eb15744a0d994a23950d3b6f99

If you didn’t know this was over here, you would miss it. After walking up the rocks, it just appears! Magnificent.

21 ea11643807bb48d2b386a65d9634e113 (2)

Watching the waves and tide come in on Seal Cay.

22 e45b54df0ce746758f06068fad666f12

This is how the Captain gets the best Go-Pro shots. He has really made some great videos. I can’t wait to add them to the blog.

PHOTO BOMB! I took this shot with my iPhone and noticed something I thought would render this pic useless…

22.25 IMG_0874

When I zoomed in, it was the biggest Eagle Ray we have ever seen. Thanks for the photo bomb, I love it!

22.5 IMG_0874 (2)

Walker’s Cay was just a little further than Seal Cay, so we headed over to see what it looked like. We heard that even the customs officers were at Grands now, so we were shocked when we went in the marina and found someone mowing the hill. Walker’s was decimated by hurricanes Frances and Jeane back in 2004. We figured there would be ruins and remains, but everything was cleaned up and being maintained. The generators were running and the airstrip was in wonderful condition. Walker’s is for sale, if your interested, here’s the link. Only 14,000,000. Don’t miss out! And it comes with it’s own power company.

This is Marvin. Marvin does it all. He not only mows, he maintains the generators and anything else that happens here on Walker’s Cay…and he is a really nice guy! We had a nice chat with him while he ate his lunch, he drives the little whaler named M & M’s, that’s for Marvin and his three little boys. I’m pretty sure the Captain wants this job should he find he has to go back to work some day.

23 IMG_0493 (2)

Marvin mowing.

24 c1360d8f8b5a472c885d2700a3dc8773 (2)

Paths and road all over, and a few foundations and pools left. Customs office on Walker’s Cay.

Marina will need some work, but the water is still as beautiful as ever.

25 c1360d8f8b5a472c885d2700a3dc8773

Air strip, how about an air show here?

26 20777582bf314a4a9b2d77fb2b4eb5d5

Walker’s Cay power plant. The two generators supply the power needed here and over on Grand Cays.

27 d1ccb05149954d98a7c7fb506ab553e8 (2)

The Captain is applying for the vacancy, when it come available.

Toys for boys.

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One of the things I have enjoyed around the Bahamas is the flowers and plants. They grow in dirt, if its available, and if not, rocks are good too.

29 IMG_0792

I’m on a mission for some bougainvillea this color, my yard would like this.

30 0776a293d89040848de59d70f983c17b

The Captain found more bananas. Unlike the last ones, which were quite small, these are mega bananas.

31 58cb75b7808e42e09b81cdbc665d5474


I mentioned that I would like a little conch to take home in the freezer and the Captain fulfilled my request and then some. He is a keeper!
32 IMG_0108

A few days before we left the Grands, we headed over the Wells Bay. There are so many beautiful spots in this area, its hard to pick a favorite.

33 IMG_0895

Nyah started working on her fishing skills when we first arrived in the Bahamas. She was in her prime by the time we were in the Grands. There was no distracting her from her mission, she was all focused on watching and waiting, until it was time for the chase.
33.5 IMG_0913

Rock outcroppings in Wells Bay.

34 IMG_0812 (2)

I’ll have one more entry for our Bahamas trip, our passage home. I usually pick my favorite sunset to end, but this time, we were blessed with so many beautiful choices, I had to pick two. Thank you for following along with us, it is so good to have friends to share our adventure with.

35 IMG_0844

Sunset Well’s Bay, Grand Cays Bahamas.

36 IMG_0939 2016_07_26

‘Hamas: Powell Cay 2016_07_13

DCIM100GOPROGOPR2128.After leaving No Name, we stayed a couple nights at Manjack on our way to Powell Cay. Cheryl and I hiked up to the bluff and down to the ocean beach, and enjoyed the gardens and trails around Manjack, while the Captain and Jack took out in the dinghy for one more dive.

The morning we were heading to Powell Cay, we found a seal had leaked on the generator. Oh my, what a mess! Oil, oil, everywhere oil. The rest of the morning was spent repairing the seal and cleaning up the mess, then off to Powell Cay we went.

We have been blessed with beautiful weather and it continued at Powell Cay. We spent three days exploring the waters around the cay, which included rocky areas on the north east side and a wreck located right in the anchorage.

2 IMG_4822

We anchored where the red triangle is and snorkeled from Soldier Cay to the north tip of Powell Cay.

First snorkeling trip.

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Sea biscuits

4 5f08e649120e42f88d08a97c786b3130

Reef off Powell Cay

Nice catch, Captain Jack! 4 pounds of grouper for dinner…yum!


Jack and Cheryl, these two keep us on our toes!

Grouper, what Cheryl and Jack are having for supper!

Grouper, what Cheryl and Jack are having for supper!

The closer to opening day, the braver the lobsters seem.

Does this grass make my tentacles look long?

Does this grass make my tentacles look long?

How about this rock?

You can’t see me, you can’t see me!

The Captain trolled me around and I found these conchs. The Helmet conch was beautiful, but it went back to the sea after its photo op. Of course, if we find conch, someone has to pound it out and fry it up (after the Captain gets it out of the shell and cleans it, of course!)

Queen conch (left) and Helmet conch (right)

Queen conch (left) and Helmet conch (right)

Cracked conch, put some muscle into it!

Cracked conch, put some muscle into it!

Here are some of the views of Powell Cay from the water, as we went around the cay.

10 2177b3dccb554324b3a673224ec89e48

Beaches around Powell Cay


Doggies need a walk, people need to talk...we call it beer-thirty. Happening at a beach near us.

Doggies need a walk, people need to talk…we call it beer-thirty, happening at a beach near us.

I wonder if they all quit on the same day?

Hard hat collection at Powell Cay.

Hard hat collection at Powell Cay.

Sunsets are awesome!

13 IMG_2208 (2)

Sunset Powell Cay

Second day of snorkeling. Off the North East side of the cay.

Powell Cay

Powell Cay

The wreck inside the harbor was much better than we imagined.

Must be something good down there...

Must be something good down there…

Wreck at Powell Cay.

Wreck at Powell Cay.

The Captain landed this Dog Snapper at the wreck.

16.50 IMG_0006

Dog snapper

And rid the world of one more Lionfish.

16.75 IMG_0014

Lionfish, another one bites the dust.

This anchor and affiliated weighted stuff, which someone used to make a mooring, was under our boat when we anchored. I really want the Captain to break this anchor loose and bring it home for me. It would be a perfect yard ornament and he could use it as a hurricane anchor when needed. But, at 100 to 150 pounds, it’s not happening!

Please, can I take it home?

Please, can I take it home?

We enjoyed beautiful days and gorgeous sunsets at Powell Cay. We didn’t explore the island this time, we have done so on previous trips when the weather wasn’t so nice for going off shore. Next stop will be back to Alan’s Pensacola for a bit, as we make our way toward Double Breasted and Grand Cays. Thanks for following along with us.

18 IMG_2255

‘Hamas: Sandy Cay and Tilloo Cay 2016_06_25

1 IMG_1531 (2) cover

If this isn’t the face of a man enjoying retirement, I want my money back.

We had to leave Lynyard Cay before we wouldn’t. I’m pretty sure we could’ve stayed until stuff grew us to the bottom. But this isn’t a stay retirement, so move along we did.

First Stop, Sandy Cay. This is only a day stop, and in this case a couple of hours. We had plans of anchoring off Pelicans Cay for the night, but the rollers coming in between there and Lynyard made it impossible. We went around and anchored behind Sandy Cay in Pelican Harbour, loaded our snorkels and the Go-Pro into the Whaler and headed over to a mooring ball to take a look. Wow! We will definitely go back again, this was in unsettled weather, I can’t even imagine how beautiful it would be in calm seas.

2 dbae4419de4c406e8c7100f4572cb549

Sandy Cay.

3 dbae4419de4c406e8c7100f4572cb549 (2)

Sandy Cay.

4 dbae4419de4c406e8c7100f4572cb549 (3)

Sandy Cay.

After a few hours we were on our way to Tilloo Cay. The Captain took a heading out of Pelican Harbour to the west of Gaulding Cay and Channel Cay, this avoided the big rollers and made for a pleasant run over to Tilloo. The crew thanks you Captain.

5 IMG_1414

Setting the course.

You know you are getting closer to the Hub of the Abacos when the pretty water is covered in boats. This was a nice anchorage, and would have been the perfect anchorage if we were the only one in sight. After anchoring just outside the Tilloo Bank and South of Tilloo Pond, we took advantage of a beautiful afternoon and pumped up the floats and cooled off in the beautiful green water.

6 IMG_1407

Heading into Tilloo Cay, just South of Tilloo Pond.

The next day we headed out for a bit of dingy exploring. We went north. up Tilloo to Tavern Cay. Tilloo Pond was a bust, our attempt to go on land was met with a battalion of mosquitos! We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. There were several interesting homes along the way, with extraordinary private harbours hewn out of the rock. There wasn’t much water close to shore once we went through the cut between Tavern Cay and Tilloo Cay, but there was an airplane hanger, must be enough water for one of those. The South end of Elbow Cay and Tilloo Cut were pretty on the other side.

7 IMG_1623 headiing to Tavern and Tilloo Cay

Heading North to Tavern Cay, along the West shore of Tilloo.

8 IMG_1716 Tavern Cay to left

Tavern Cay on the left, Tilloo on the right.

9 IMG_1692 (2) inside tavern and Tilloo cut looking north

Inside the area between Tavern Cay and Tilloo Cay, Tilloo Cut to the right.

10 c3d6bca19e6246c8b8c3f1c2993edd73

Airplane hangers, Tilloo Taxi, interesting houses, exploring Tilloo Cay.

11 3896f02166ff4a4fb6b37e20e38e2c1f

Your own personal hurricane hole. We can’t believe this is dug out like this, wow!

On Monday, pulled the anchors and went across to explore the waters behind Deep Sea Cay, along with Jack and Cheryl. There is a kayaking/dingy tour we found in the Cruising Guide to the Abacos to check out. It turned out to be a bit too windy for the kayaks, so we used the dinghy. We entered the area through the channel that runs between Snake Cay and Deep Sea Cay. We found plenty of already harvested conchs and some interesting derelict vessels, along with one water front home, but no fish or conch inside the area. We exited on the North side of John Doctor Cay and South of Mocking Bird Cay. After our tour, we booked it back over to Tilloo Cay, ahead of an afternoon thunderstorm.

12 634c883e942f479c807458a2e8cc291f (3)

Waters behind Deep Sea Cay.

13 IMG_1486 Generator station wreck

In the ‘Hamas, things stay until they are no more.

14 3a90e081cc394c9d842036f026974fe0

This may be the Robert Fulton, but we can’t verify this.

15 634c883e942f479c807458a2e8cc291f

The Captain thinks he need to make a refurbishment plan. I haven’t been able to get the planner out of him yet…but I’m trying.

Another morning of exploring the South end of Tilloo Cay. We made another attempt at a land excursion, but the brush was too thick once we go to the top and there was no place to go, even if we had had a machete. We went back and explored with the dinghy. This area was loaded with rays and Cheryl even found a Horse Conch.

16 IMG_1527

Exploring fail, trail goes to the top and that’s it.

17 634c883e942f479c807458a2e8cc291f (4)

Exploring Tilloo Cay. A former restaurant or hotel. Cheryl with a horse conch.

18 d95a7c35e1c047109018f2b880f653fb

Rays at Tilloo Cay.

From time to time I have to keep the Captain in check. I know, you find that very difficult to believe. He wants a new boat and he thinks his ship has come in. It is pulling multiple dinghies, and I do agree it has a beautiful bow sprit, but…NO. No. No.

First rule of cruising…No boat envy allowed.

19 c3d6bca19e6246c8b8c3f1c2993edd73 (2)

No boat envy, Captain.

Have a great weekend and thanks for following along with us.

20 IMG_4646

Sunset Tilloo Cay

‘Hamas: North Lynyard Cay 2016_06_20

1 IMG_1386 cover

Bright and early on Monday morning, we let go of the mooring ball in Little Harbor. Our original plan, when we came this far south, was to head to Eleuthra from Little Harbor. Alas, the weather was not cooperating with our plan, so we just changed our plan. WOW, we can actually do that now!!! Give it up for retirement!

We headed back over to Lynyard Cay, only this time we went to the northern end of the cay. We still wanted to go to the blue holes again and we also wanted to check out Sandy Cay and Wilson City.

Leaving Little Harbor was a bit messy. We were tossing things around the boat and poor Pepe Le Pew tossed his breakfast and then hid under the foot stool.

2 1ee465151ddc41518eb39f093e04d8b9

Leaving Little Harbor, poor Pepe Le Pew.

Our first expedition was to the ruins of Wilson City. Jack, Cheryl, the Captain and I headed over to Spencer’s Bight to have a look. This was an old saw mill town from 1906 to 1916 and was one of only a few lumber sites in the Bahamas. The foundations and walls were crazy thick and there were remains of metal that hadn’t completely rusted away yet. The building materials were mixed and varied, from marl to bricks made in the USA. Railroad tracks ran out into the bight, and plenty of places for huge barges to tie off. But, details are eluding us at this point. I have found several sources, one for a book and another for a historical paper on the subject, but my internet searches are reaping nothing. So here are the pics. If you know anything, we’d love for you to pass it along to us, otherwise, I’ll update this with good info when I get some!



14 eb44ce16e16346ba90cba320907da6ae

Ruins of Wilson City


This looks like an engine bed, but it could be King Tut.

14.5 IMG_1079

I need a selfie stick…I’m 30 feet high and can’t get the shot to prove it!

15 eb44ce16e16346ba90cba320907da6ae (3)

Exploring with Jack and Cheryl. Cool bricks and old mooring tie-offs. Captain found Cinderella slippers…well a matching pair of flip-flops. Camp at the end of the road in Spencer’s Bite.

The next day, we decided to try snorkeling the reef at Sandy Cay. However, the sea rolling in was too much for us to get in and out of the Whaler, so we headed back to Spencer’s Bight and snorkeled there instead. The Captain found a lobster and star fish to take Go-Pro pics. Now you too can see what a momma lobster looks like…maybe we will come visit her again on August 6th.

15.5 2e26c314e01b4c10ae70e768fd90a43a

Nice lobster hole! The orange colored area on the tail are her eggs. Have lots of babies momma!

15.75 6b3a6d78 b0c74abb8af4967767f8416e

Photo shoot and return to hole so she can lay her eggs.

We had another beautiful day to go on a dinghy caravan back to the blue holes with Jack and Cheryl and Ted and Darcey from s/v Dragonfly. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t as clear as the first time we checked them out, but we were able to check out three new holes in addition to the ones we had seen before. We have reasons to return, there are unexplored holes.

3 3d87e23258064df4946396b69eea391a

Dingy caravan to Blue Holes in the Bight of Old Robinson.

4 c584a8d681ee4a8db7d3ad4d0eaffff9

All the green is terribly deceiving, they really do look blue from above! Anemone, jelly fish, lobsters and me!

5 d6799b6db8db4cc293384c47d254534e

Jack “Cousteau” tickles them out and the Captain films the action. It’s what you do when it’s not lobster season!

6 IMG_0272 (2) blue hole turtle

This is the place to watch sea turtles.

I have updated this blue hole map with green circles around the holes we were able to get to and the path we took to get back where they are located…cause we be old…we will need it for the next visit!

5.5 0bec1e8ac7f54f80897c04e848b7fa94

Ready, set, dig! Nyah’s friend Eureka still has her dig on, it just takes a little more planning these days.

7 78b725fe782948c3b1e49f4814e23fb8

Eureka, she may be an old lady, but she still has spunk!

Some views around the North side of Lynyard cay. It’s quite rocky at this end, well so is the other end, but this side has a higher elevation. Someone started development, there are roughly hewn roads crisscrossing the northern end, a couple of rusting con-ex boxes and tons of survey markers. Of course we walked as far as we could on every road.

8 3008649d36984a3fac7a20f0e19e3ca5

North Lynyard Cay.

9 261c998f35be41cab56344d5f3c799f2

For the life of us we can’t figure out what you would hunt here besides sea glass.

We couldn’t get to this abandoned house from any of the roads, so we went back in the dingy later to check it out. It’s quite a Fixer*Upper. I wonder if they want to finance an episode filmed on location in the ‘Hamas with me?

10 ae517330589f4eff83595284c5f90e61

Needs some love!

This house, on the other hand, in for sale. 300K will get you on island time. Maybe this one could be episode #2. This house sits on top of a full cistern and has Sea of Abaco to Atlantic Ocean views and deep water access. Have you ever seen Fixer*Upper repair a dock?

11 54dd3a3c9941455887b93681fdad00c4

It has potential!

13 dffb806561734ed995701f689f29ecfc

Sea of Abaco to Atlantic Ocean, and the best sea glass.

The back yard is worth the price tag, after you get the trail to the beach cleared up. And, it’s just a short jaunt to the south to get to the sandy part, over-flowing with sea glass.

12 IMG_1207

Nice back yard.

One more view from higher ground. No Ka Oi and Zig Zag making lazy ‘Hamas days portable and the best.

13.5 IMG_1334

Sweet way to travel.

This is Charlie’s place. There are no buildings, but he does have a couch. And, he does come over from Little Harbor a few days a week to camp out here…weather permitting. Thanks for sharing your comfy spot, Charlie. However, if you get too comfy, your butt might break through the chair! Great Jennifer, just great!

16 64d4a89da19a4099a1033b9969a32eeb

What do you mean no more s’mores for me?

Once you fall through the chair in the ‘Hamas, you don’t hop on over to Wally’s to get another. So you end up with a work day. Sewing for me. And since I’m busy, the Captain decided his finger was good enough to go up the mast and change out the VHF antenna.

17 IMG_1383 (2)

Have sewing machine, will travel.

And the verdict is in…the Captain has fixed our VHF problem, we can hear all the way to Hope Town and points beyond. YEAH!!!

18 IMG_0240

At least you had some breeze up there, Captain.

The Captain also did a bit of photography from the high up spot.

19 IMG_1385

Zig Zag from our mast.

20 IMG_1389

If you’re a doctor in Marsh Harbor, this is your get-away space.

1 IMG_1386 cover

In other news, we eat well on No Ka Oi. Bananas finally ripened up and some days it’s a working lunch to get the blogging complete.

21 IMG_0114

Finally ripe to eat.

22 IMG_4602 (2)

Working lunch.

Lynyard Cay is one of our new favorites. It is a close location to diving, conking, fishing and exploring, with a little relaxing to boot, what more could you ask for?

23 IMG_0137

Almost sunset at North Lynyard Cay.

Thanks for following along with us!

‘Hamas: Little Harbor 2016_06_15

1 IMG_0666 cover

Little Harbor June 2016

We scooted over to Little Harbor from South Lynyard Cay. We circled around the Bite of Old Robinson, but ended up anchoring off of the beach just outside of the harbor entrance. After an afternoon of the rollers rocking us sideways, we decided to go back to the bite, where we anchored up for the night. We moved into Little Harbor, picking up a mooring ball, early on Thursday morning. We paid up for four days, because the winds and weather were not favorable for being outside until Monday. We had lots to squeeze into four days and pack it in we did!

2 IMG_0569

Weather! Beach outside entrance to Little Harbor

First up, a visit to the Gallery. This is part gallery and part museum. One area is devoted to the history of Randolph Johnston, his family, and his art. His wife Margot was also an artist, working with ceramics. In 1950 they left the New England area and “The Rat Race,” to move to the Bahamas, with their three sons. They sailed for two years and found Little Harbor, where they lived in a thatch hut, and used the caves for a studio and storage, while building their home, a foundry and a simpler life. The sons helped with the foundry and eventually, Pete took over the foundry and added his artistic abilities. Pete now works on his artistic endeavors and his son Greg and daughter-in-law (who we saw everyday with the newest grand-baby of three weeks) along with a former student of his father, run the foundry, gallery, and Pete’s Pub.

Unfortunately, the foundry does not do tours any more, we were told by the gallery keeper that someone had taken pictures and posted them on the internet of a commissioned piece which wasn’t finished and should not have been made public. Spoiler! We did have a foundry tour many years ago, it was quite interesting, but hope they will begin doing them again.

3 ba92f52cc77f4ff6b39601e3e87de0de

Johnston Galleries, the art of lost wax castings

The house out on the dock was being built the last time we were here in 2013 and is Pete’s place. It looks finished, although we heard that Pete doesn’t actually sleep there. But, it is a cool studio out on the water, with nice views and breezes. It’s marked private, and we don’t know anyone important, so we settled for being paparazzi and snapping shots. And, if you look through the door in the second pic, Pete is sitting on the back porch working on a carving.

4 a88f91f0d5a4411ab7cc8257921a8079 cover

Along the dock in Little Harbor.

5 IMG_0682 (2)

Pete’s dock house in Little Harbor (look close, Pete is doing a carving on the back porch)

From the docks we headed up to the light keepers house. It is in a state of deterioration and ruin, but the exterior walls still stand. We were told that discussions are going on with the government for restorations to be made. I would like to see it redone.

6 675119f446ee46979e7d2ffcf1d5ce00 (2)

Little Harbor Light house, outdoor kitchen. center pic shows the cistern and to the back is the “oven”

7 675119f446ee46979e7d2ffcf1d5ce00 (3)

Checking out the Lighthouse with Cheryl and the Captain. Hurricane Floyd took the roof off, interior wall is down and stucco is falling off in chunks.

8 a327524a2117413591ec7a54e086dddf

Views of the Lighthouse building (top) from harbor entrance, (bottom) from beach behind Pete’s Pub.

The next day, we went snorkeling outside of the harbor entrance, in front of the house on the beach. This was a great snorkel, and we would definitely recommend it if conditions permit. The Captain busted out the Go-Pro for some underwater shots and he got some nice ones.

9 91ea0d64e0f54c90ad6bad77f6bd59d4

Reef outside Little Harbor entrance, just off the beach

10 9360f245d4874a5b9ad740f63d732e1c

Reef outside Little Harbor entrance, just off the beach

11 a4f2ddbfdcd3432fbbc0b4fde0459a6b

Reef outside Little Harbor entrance, just off the beach


Reef outside Little Harbor entrance, just off the beach

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Reef outside Little Harbor entrance, just off the beach

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Reef outside Little Harbor entrance, just off the beach

If you come to Little Harbor, keep in mind it’s small. But, there is one place to eat and drink. Or is it drink and eat? Some might even think it’s the only reason to come to Little Harbor. Pete’s Pub is quite a landmark and destination for those on boats or land. It is located about 20 miles from Marsh Harbor and many people rent cars or take taxis to come and experience it. We had a great time with Jack and Cheryl and had fish dip one night served with tortilla chips and a cheeseburger another night, served with coleslaw and rice. It would have been perfect with French fries, but its rice in the ‘Hamas.

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Pete’s Pub, hanging out with Jack and Cheryl

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Speed bumps take on a new meaning here at Pete’s Pub. Bring a T-shirt to sign and staple to the ceiling.

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Views of the harbor from the upper deck at Pete’s Pub. They have a lot of solar here.

One morning while I sat outside on the deck of Pete’s Pub, this West Indian Woodpecker, stopped by to wish me a good morning. His first attempt at hammering the buoy was a fail, so he hopped up on the railing to look for bugs. I saw a couple of palm trees that looked like the trunk was crocheted, from these guys.

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West Indian woodpecker, still common on Abaco they are gone on Grand Bahama

The west wall of the harbor is full of caves. I would love one of the houses up on top, but I don’t play the lottery, so I doubt that will ever happen. But, we can explore the caves below. There are three we know of and we started at the one directly under a house (that is for sale!) How about this spiral staircase to come home from a long day of fishing?

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Spiral staircase looking up, leads to a residence above. I’d have to move the bats!

The next cave is in the middle going towards the harbor and is the one with a huge opening. It is much larger inside than it appears. This one was more open than the others and was a fun stop for a few pics.

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The largest of the caves we climbed around, remember, those rocks fell from above…

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Cave people. I wonder where Fred and Wilma are?

The last cave is down in the corner, to the left of the dock with a bungalow on top and a bunch of private signs everywhere. Just on their property, and dock, there wasn’t any in front of this cave. Notice the 2×4’s going from one set of rocks to another, that’s the ramp and is somewhat of an elevation change to get up to the upper level and really get a view of the bats and stalactites and stalagmites. Exploring was fun, except for the smell!

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(top left) the boards leading to the upper level.

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Cave exploring, bats above, stalactites above and holes to below. The Captain about to cross the board walk.

Here are some shots of the cliffs, caves and rocks as you go out of the harbor. I’m beginning to see why they risked it all to move here, it is very beautiful.

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Caves and rocks along the West wall of Little Harbor

Finally, we took a walk along the road leading to entrance of the harbor, up there where all the beautiful houses are. Several houses are for sale, along with vacant property. We enjoyed checking them out. The gardens and views are spectacular.


24 IMG_0996

View of the harbor from a lot for sale on the West side of the harbor,

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Beautiful gardens and flowers. I need a flower book, but air plants, bougainvillea and bottom right is an orchid and they seemed to grow wild all around.

Sunset from the beach behind Pete’s Pub. We enjoyed our stay in Little Harbor.

26 IMG_9969

27 IMG_9975

We have decided for the time being, not to head down to Eleuthera and the Exumas, due to these crazy weather patterns we are having. We will be heading back through the Abbacos to hit the spots we missed and get a little more time at our favorite spots. We are heading to the North side of Lynyard Cay next. Thanks for following along with us.

‘Hamas: Lynyard Cay 2016_06_12


Hanging out in the blue hole

From Hope Town we headed to Lynyard Cay on a somewhat stormy afternoon. We had mild rain, and fortunately, we missed the most intense storms, which stayed just West of us. We anchored up safely on the Southern tip of the Cay.


Storm to the west as we headed South to Lynyard Cay

Cool boats along the way.


Several sightings of this cool ship were reported to us, we were glad to get a gander.

Once we were anchored at Lynyard, we found the party people had arrived ahead of us. They invited us to the beach party. This has been one of the best things about living aboard, friendly people, impromptu get-togethers and making friends from all over the world. We had a great time with Phillip and Teresa (South Africa/North Carolina) from s/v Sea Ya, John and Shirley, (South Africa and Canada) Andrew and Carol (Bermuda) and of course Jack and Cheryl from Zig Zag. Also pictured bottom center is Darcy and Ted from Florida, who came in the following night.


Phillip and Teresa from s/v Sea Ya invited us to the beach party. Boche ball, gals against the guys…not sure who won! Captain cutting up coconuts to grill on the fire, and share with everyone’s pot luck meal. Captain and Jack in yet another intense discussion, well, as intense as can be had over beer and beer-thirty.

Captain’s finger has finally healed enough to get back in the water.  It’s not only fun when he gets conch, I like dragging him around too! He found five, I found one. We had a fabulous conch salad and tossed a few in the freezer for cracked conch soon!


Conching! Here conchy, conchy, here conchy! Dragging the Captain. Someone has to clean ’em. A spotted ray came to clean up the scraps.

Here is my second favorite part of cruising, exploring. This is not a very large cay, but it was really fun exploring and we only explored the South end, we will have to come back another time to explore the North end. High flat areas and rocky shore-lines, made for several interesting hikes.

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Flat top trail across the cay and down the dune to one of the beaches. Artists among us, paintings on an old hut.

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West side of cay was rocky, but there were a few little swimming coves. Nyah on the dune getting a better look. Captain on the rocks. Cove on East side of Cay (bottom right)

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Stuff you find!

IMG_0402 i

Can we take this home? It would make a cool coffee table!


IMG_9791 cover

No more rocks!

We made our way in dinghies over to the Bite of Old Robinson with this map we found on-line, in search of the blue holes we knew were there. The last time we came this far the weather was not conducive for searching them out. The first hole we found, and the largest as far as we know, is marked with this memorial for three divers that didn’t make it. We didn’t have dive tanks with us, we were only snorkeling, but it is a deep hole, and apparently has caves going out from the center.

Blue Holes Bite of Old Robinson (2)

Map of blue hole locations in Bite of Old Robinson.

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Blue hole from the surface, near memorial for three divers who drowned.


Arch, Jennifer snorkeling near arch, crab, turtle.


Lobsters to the left, lobsters to the right, shrimp to the lower right.

The sandy beach was home to a couple of star fish waiting on the tide to return. and to a little hermit crab leaving a trail.


Hermit crab leaving his trail, star fish one with a missing an arm and both waiting for the tide to come back in.

Help! I can’t find the name of this bird and have looked through a dozen web sites. Next trip I will need a book, actually two books, one for bird and one for fish identification. Mama is very protective of her chick, she carries on and squawks as she is limping or flying away to distract your attention. There is no nest, baby is nestled into the warm rocks.

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clockwise from top left: Calm mama, angry mama, camouflaged chick, very angry mama!

Beer-thirty with Jack and Cheryl. Nyah and Eureka aren’t to far away. This is how we “walk” doggies and have a wind-down to the day.

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Beer-thirty high on the bluff at Lynyard Cay.

Sunset, must be time to break out the conch horn, Captain.

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Captain blowin the conch horn, sunset on the rocks and No Ka Oi, watching the moon and stars on the beach.

Just another day in paradise.


Thanks for following along.

‘Hamas: Hope Town 2016_05_31

IMG_0358 (2) cover

Hope Town Light House, June 2016

Our move from Man-O-War to Hope Town was uneventful, but shortly, and I mean within minutes of putting down our anchor, in comes Island Fever, with BB and Howard. They just returned from Eleuthera and the Exumas and are making their way back to the states. We had a great time hanging out for a couple of days before they where on their way.


Island Fever returning from Central Bahamas

The Captain and I had several fun days climbing the light house, looking around town and perfecting our selfie skills.


Climbing the Light House – 101 steps. Who needs a bathroom mirror when there are windows available. Russell Avenue – let’s move in.

We attended the St. James Methodist Church on Sunday morning. Mr. C. Vernon Malone was the Lay Preacher. Sermon was wonderful, as was the music and service. They had a lot of competition to keep our attention from this view past the alter.


St. James Methodist Church, Hope Town, Bahamas

After church we took a long walk along the beach. We gathered quite a pile of sea glass to add to our collection.


We Miss You at home and Hope Town too.

Flowers and Gardens. This is the best time of year to visit the Abacos, flowering trees and more fill the eye and nose.


Flowers and gardens in Hope Town

While we were in Hope Town, our first year anniversary of moving aboard happened. June 7th! Thank you Captain for a great year, can’t wait to see what next year brings us.


top, Hope Town, June 7, 2016. below, Leaving the dock in Stuart, FL, June 7, 2015

The celebratory meal. Steak and lobster, sweet potatoes and a special bottle of wine given to the Captain at retirement by Sam.


Anniversary dinner on No Ka Oi, June 7, 2016

The harbor is a busy place, boats coming and going, water taxis and ferry boats. And this…deliveries. No Rooms to Go van for these mattresses being delivered to the Hope Town Inn and Marina, just pile ’em on the deck and unload to the dock.


Groceries, freight and More

This was our spot by the pool most afternoons. I can’t believe I had to “borrow” this pic from BB’s Facebook page. I was enjoying the relaxing so much I never took one pic with Jack and Cheryl, or of any of the activities going on pool side all week at the Hope Town Inn and Marina.

Pool side w Howard and BB

Sitting pool side with Howard and BB, waiting for Jack and Cheryl to arrive

Tommy and Alicia returned from Little Harbor to hang out  by the pool for a bit. We had many weeks of great fun with this family. We are so happy to see them stretching out to explore with young kids aboard.


Tommy and Alicia from Saol Nua

Before they left, I had the blessing of baptizing Alecia in the Sea of Abaco.

IMG_0385 (3)

Baptizing Alicia

We will miss this crew!


Kemery Clan and the Captain and I.

Sky still loves the Captain, as long as he keeps his hands to himself. The Captain’s finger is healing very nicely. We were blessed with Ann, and the clinic nurse at Hope Town for helping us get everything moving in the right direction for healing.


Sky and the Captain

We made  our stay in Hope Town a bit longer than we might have because of a forecast of  heavy weather heading our way. And even though we did get some rain, enough to fill the water tanks and wash the dog and boat, we just mostly spent another beautiful week in paradise.


We are finally current in our log!!! Stay tuned for pics from Little Harbor and Lynyard Cay. Thanks for following along with us.