Bike Week and Work Week: What Happens if You Leave Boot Key Harbor


Well we left the Harbor to meet family and friends at Daytona’s 75th Annual Bike Week. We had a great time at the bike week part, unfortunately, anytime we head home there are problems to deal with!image

Let’s me share the problems first, so we can finish this blog up on a happy note!

You might remember the tree that was struck by lightning last summer? Well it wasted no time dying and had to be taken down. This was not in the budget, but the dropping part was out of our skill set. We settled for having it dropped and cut into big pieces and we supplied the labor to cut it up the rest of the way and stack up for fire wood. For the record, our retirement hourly rate is $88.23. We aren’t discussing what the split on this rate is.imageimageThen there was the swimming pool. Not a good day when you come home and the pool is only half full! Fortunately, the pool guy had turned off the pump when he thought there might be a problem, so the Captain donned the only mask living at the house and put down a patch. We will get a bill later this month letting us know how this impacted the budget.image

I’m not sure how mixing up the vet appointment for the wrong day, turned into pressure washing the decks and driveways. We could have rested on that extra day, but not when you live with Captain Bligh!image

We ended our “week” home (actually ten days) by waiting for the vet to fill prescriptions for Nyah and Pepe, who apparently picked up a little something along the way. Meds all ingested, they are good to go. And so are we!

Bike week was beautiful.image

We couldn’t have asked for nicer riding weather. BB and Howard came over and we took a nice ride to Lake Weir and then back to Daytona for dinner and a cruise down Main Street.image

We met up with Pete at Rossmeyers on Friday and enjoyed looking at the “big wheel” bag bikes competition.imageimage

Damien and Julie came up and and we had a perfect ride on Saturday morning and Saturday night. We spent the day at Rossmeyers, the Daytona Speedway and Main Street. Fortunately, Julie was able to find a nice leather jacket and could throw this one I loaned her away, before the world was full of black flakes.image

Rick and Jennifer made a last minute trip up on Saturday and it was great hanging out and seeing them before they had to head back home.image

We are back at the boat making final preparations for heading to the Bahamas soon. It’s always nice when the locals come out to greet us.image

We are glad to be back in Boot Key, but what’s up with this temperature in the middle of March???image

But we will take it as long as we keep getting these views.image