Spring Forward to Our Next Adventure

Ruger sets sail

I’m not even going to try and fill in the blanks from the last time I posted…last August…from Key West!

That was before a three week trip to North Georgia.

Before we left No Ka Oi tied to a seawall in Marathon, Florida.

Before Hurricane Irma.

When we couldn’t get back to get her out.

When it took forever for us to get back in.

Before we cried our way south through piles of debris and sadness left in the wake of Irma.

We were spared and consider ourselves fortunate. Irma tried to chafe a hole in her belly, but she’s a strong old girl.

We were able to get a patch in place and take her home in early October.

Others were not so fortunate.

Many still deal with the aftermath and will continue for sometime. We are sad and heartbroken for all the loss.

No Ka Oi has had her repairs, a little lipstick and a new coat of paint.

While that was happening, we got busy with the things of life, hurricane clean-up and repairs, sick parents, grandchildren visits, and things we can’t even remember.

The sidetracks are part of the adventure, but not all that exciting for a blog.

But now that we are back out adventuring, No Ka Oi is a happy girl. With the wind in her sail, she is pointed north.

We are St. Augustine bound or maybe waylaid at some place we couldn’t pass up. Hoping for some sunshine and crew restoration.

This is our first adventure with Ruger the pup. He came to his forever home last October via Martin County Humane Society. He ain’t right…but that’s probably good, cause those running his forever home ain’t all there either.

Pepe Le Pew is glad to be back at it, as are Russ and I (and Ruger isn’t sure yet). We sure hope everyone will join us in our newest adventure, and as always we hope you might come out and join us along the way!

Here’s a few pics from today.

High tide. Check.

Roosevelt Bridge

Roosevelt Bridge and railroad bridge up. Check.

Pepe Le Pew. Check.

Ruger. Check.

Ruger working out his chill skills. Check.

Sail up, check.

Always a nicer view from this side of the gate.

All systems checked and ready to go!

We did our first Facebook live video this morning! I’ll figure out how to make them play here. Technology issues at are real at our house. But there is time to figure it all out.

Sunset from Vero Beach City Marina

Welcome Committee

Thanks for sharing our adventure with us!

Standing by on Channel 16

Standing by on Channel 16, No Ka Oi over

Standing by on Channel 16, No Ka Oi over


It has been a hectic couple of weeks for the No Ka Oi crew. We came home from Marineland to be with Russ’ brother and his girlfriend after they were in a motorcycle accident. They are both home and healing, a few more surgeries will be needed, but they are both on their way to recovering.

In between hospital visits and wheel chair ramp building, we also had a few chores to take care of while we were home.

Our main sail bit the dust on the trip back, so the Captain’s first job was to get that taken down and to the repair shop. Turns out it’s a pretty old sail, we knew this, but live in denial of the mounting expenses to our chosen life. While we are busting open the piggy bank, we decided it was wise to replace the jib too. New sails will be ready just in time for Christmas…honey, I picked out a really big Christmas gift for you, hope you like it!

Main sail to shop, new sail coming soon.

Main sail to shop, new sail coming soon.

Also, while the piggy bank was open, we replaced the blocks and lines on our dingy hoist. The old one didn’t swivel and we had pretty bad wear on the sheaves, and since that’s an everyday item from here on out (think my car) it was necessary.

New Blocks for the davits.

New Blocks for the davits.


The Captain had to make four trips to the top of the mast while we were home. He is especially pleased with our Miami Boat Show purchase of the mast climber kit from INT Inc. He made his first three climbs by himself, I was there for the fourth one and took these pics. He had to assess problems then put up a new topping lift, change out some light bulbs, and do some measuring for the new sails.

Four trips up the mast

Four trips up the mast

I had a few sewing projects to work on. I made a new cover for the dingy motor. Repaired several wind socks, and modified our canvas awnings to fit our space a little better. I also modified the comforter for our V-berth with a pocket, and trimmed and hemmed the side edges to get rid of extra material, so it tucked in better and stayed that way. I found this perfectly cute fabric on clearance and had to make a new pillow cover too.

Comforter repair, new motor cover, canvas covers and helper, new pillow cover.

Comforter repair, new motor cover, canvas covers and helper, new pillow cover.

We had a nice couple of days visit with Josiah before he had to return to Philly and then back out on tour.

Josiah and I

Josiah and I

And I had to get a little Mommy and girlfriend time too. I tried to see everyone, but can never work all that out, remember, you can come visit me…I am living in paradise!!!

My Mom and I, My friend Peggy and I

My Mom and I, My friend Peggy and I


There were more projects than we can remember, and after Russ helped get his brother settled at home by moving all the furniture around, we were able to get back underway late Thursday afternoon. We made it to Peck Lake about 7 p.m. On Friday morning, we made the dreaded decision to do the ditch (ICW) to head south because it was too rough offshore with a cold front heading our way. We really tried to stay ahead of the front, and possibly, it was worse behind us, but we had unfavorable wind for sailing, lots of rain, and too much choppy water, The Captain was awesome, he was able to keep two of the three of his crew from getting sick.

Rain when we left Stuart, Captain and another storm, clouds, wind and more rain

Rain when we left Stuart, Captain and another storm, clouds, wind and more rain

Poor Pepe couldn’t take all the tossing and rocking, but he is feeling better now and back to the morning stare down for his food.

Not feeling so good

Not feeling so good

The morning stare-down...where's my food?

The morning stare-down…where’s my food?

In case you need to know, there are 47 bridges between home and Marathon. Two of them are railroad bridges, 8 are high rise bridges (two being of questionable height for us,) and 37 are draw bridges. Of the 37 draw bridges, 30 bridges are on a timed schedule.

We had three days of the timed bridges, day one we had lots of waiting (up to 45 minutes at one bridge,) day two, went quite smoothly. Day three…well the Captain pleads the 5th regarding bridges and bridge tenders on day three. They are by majority nice people, bridge tenders, but there is always just that one, who really makes your day “special.”

47 Bridges!

47 Bridges!

When it comes to bridges, except for throwing up, it’s easier to go offshore.

There were two bridges on our passage that we were not sure if we could get underneath. We have always had an opening for the 17th Street Bridge in Ft. Lauderdale, but this time we just missed the opening. Since one of the things we did on the Captains mast climbing adventures was to get an accurate measurement of our mast, we felt comfortable trying it without waiting for the next scheduled opening. Of course we made it, or I’d be telling another story. The Julia Tuttle Bridge in Miami is a few inches taller than the 17th Street Bridge when it is closed, so we now knew we could make that bridge too. But, that said, it’s still scary as heck when you are looking up from deck.

Can we make it?

Can we make it?

We did have a few interesting sites along the ditch:

Jupiter lighthouse, always my favorite light!

Jupiter Light House

Jupiter Light House


You know you’re in Palm Beach by the size of the boats and lifts.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach

And Ft. Lauderdale always has interesting things. They call that thing a jetovator water bike, and for only an additional 10k you can add it onto the jet ski you already own.

Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale, jetovator, pirate ships

Night boat ride in Hollywood…Florida that is…

Hollywood boat ride


Russ made it through all the bridges, “No Bridge Tenders Die,” the headline reads.

"No Bridge Tenders Die"

“No Bridge Tenders Die”

We had a royal fly-over for our stay at Elliot Key, well it was for the NASCAR race, but we’ll take it.



Finally with the worst of the weather behinds us, we make it to the keys!!!

The Florida Keys, finally

The Florida Keys, finally

As soon as we hook the mooring ball, the Captain has repairs to make.

Repairs, repairs, repairs

Repairs, repairs, repairs

Our home, for the next few months, Boot Key Harbour, Marathon, Florida

Boot Key Harbour

Boot Key Harbour

Well we hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God’s blessings shine on each of you. Stay tuned next weeks feature…we plan on relaxing again!

Heading into the Wind


Heading straight into the wind at 30+ knot winds

This week we find ourselves heading home. Straight into the wind. Which really sums up our feelings about this week…trying to make headway against the wind.

Russ’ brother and girlfriend were in a motorcycle accident the night before Halloween. Thankfully, both are doing well, with mainly leg injuries that with surgery, will heal. Since our time in Marineland was coming to an end anyway, we headed home a few weeks early to see what was needed of us and to prepare for our first winter living aboard.

We drove the van home with the Whaler on the Sunday after the accident, then rented a car to get back to the boat to set out for home.

Wednesday morning was our last walk on the beach, Nyah seemed to know because she kicked up her paws and let loose. We will really miss beach walking, glass hunting and the hard packed sand of Marineland beach.

Last sunrise, sea glass and Nyah running circles on Marineland Beach

Last sunrise, sea glass and Nyah running circles on Marineland Beach.

With final preps complete, we pulled the lines in and headed south, ending day one in Daytona Beach.

See you soon Marineland

See you soon Marineland

Day two took us to Titusville.

Sunrise in Daytona Beach, boat we liked along the way. Pounce Light, keeping watch, sunset Titusville.

Sunrise in Daytona Beach, boat we liked along the way, Ponce Light, keeping watch, sunset in Titusville.

Day three, we made Palm Bay, but with an early morning rain shower, we had a beautiful rainbow in Titusville as we pulled the anchor.

Early am showers brought beautiful rainbow, Titusville

Early am showers brought beautiful rainbow, Titusville


Day four started in Palm Bay and brought us back to Jensen Beach, but with the shorter days, we had to drop anchor off Indianriverside Park for the night.

Early to rise, gets you a glimpse of moon, planets and stars as well as the sunrise. A little walk on a spoil island, boats we pass, boats that pass us

Early to rise, gets you a glimpse of moon, planets and stars as well as the sunrise, Nyah needs a stretch, A little walk on a spoil island, boats we pass, boats that pass us

Final day. We left Jensen Beach and when we got to the St. Lucie inlet it was so clear, we had to stop and scrub the bottom…well the Captain did anyway. We had been hearing the Coast Guard reporting warnings about the boat stuck in the inlet. Looks like they were ready to lift it out.

Jensen Beach to Palm City, our last leg. Boat cleaning and derelict boats along the way

Jensen Beach to Palm City, our last leg. Boat cleaning and derelict boats along the way

We hope you had a wonderful week, the wind may have been on our nose, but it can’t keep us from moving ahead. Enjoy the week ahead!

Leaving the Dock…Finally!



And we are off. The final packing seemed to take forever, but with the water line lying low from the weight of all our stuff, and a bit of rain, we pulled away from the dock at 9:50 a.m. on Sunday morning, June 7th.  Here are some highlights of our first week out.


This was Pepe Le Pew’s first sailing adventure, and after the first day, he felt right at home. He enjoys stalking the deck all night long. Of course, Nyah has felt at home sailing since she was a pup, all she wants is to take a nice nap.

c670ec9769524d198ecf99d92fd180a8 (2)


Russ also said farewell to a few of his favorite plants on our way north. Bye, bye, St. Lucie and Cape Canaveral!3d097d27cf11468dafc6a42921f1822c



baa24b5a123c4d41ba4d118118dbdd6aWe were hoping to spread our adventures out a bit, but Wednesday seemed to be the day over-flowing with them, we got caught in an afternoon storm, with wind gusts up to 50 knots, and Russ had to drive into the wind to keep us from being washed away. After de-watering the dingy, we had a great sail to the Mosquito Lagoon, where Russ caught the biggest catfish I have ever seen. The sunset was the perfect reminder that even a bad day can end well.IMG_1547







The only sunrise we saw this week, (yeah for not having to set alarm clocks any more) was on Friday morning. We left Daytona Beach early to get past the Memorial Bridge’s lock-down for rush hour traffic. And it was so sad that we had to pass by Daytona Beach Harley without a stop…we just couldn’t get any more stuff on-board. 70b81ffc2a4e4450927c57169422f5ba

We had a fine motor sail into Marineland Marina, are all tied up and ready to get the relaxing on, or at least a good shrimp dinner at O’Steens!IMG_1616 2015_06_13 Osteens Shrimp