PopPop Sailing School, Grands and Weddings: June 2018

We received a call that it was most likely going to happen in the next 48 hours! Grand-baby number 8, Zayden Damien Baringer was on his way. So we rented a car, drove it and the jeep both home…and…it didn’t happen.

I seems Zayden wasn’t ready, he had other plans in mind.

So being the resourceful last minute planners that we have become accustomed to being, we loaded up the rental car with two other grands, and headed back to Marineland to bring the sailboat home. Hopefully we would get it back before Zayden came, and with enough time to get her out to Indiantown and tied down before the upcoming wedding of Russ’ brother Steve and his fiancee, Terri.

Graduates of PopPop Sailing School, Austin and Kiera. Honoree acknowledgement for Ruger the pup.

Before we left Marineland, we spent the morning at the Dolphin Adventure and slinging sand at each other on the beach. I blame PopPop!

Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018

Playin around.

Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018

Austin, Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018

Kiera, Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Newly opened tourist picture rock. They reopened the original entrance for the 80th Anniversary. Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

I see it!

New shark exhibit at Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Russ, Austin, and Kiera, Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Hey, thanks for coming! Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Sand slinging Baringer style at our favorite beach.

Got PopPop good!

Farewell Marineland Beach, we will miss you until next time.

We didn’t have a plan for PopPop Sailing School, it just sort of morphed out of keeping a 12 and 10 year old off of their tablets all day and not whining “are we there yet.” In the end…I think we did a pretty good job…at least they were still smiling when we tied up at the dock!

For several days the tablets stayed charged up…we did relent a bit once the everyday rain kept us down below all afternoon.

PopPop Sailing School starts with knots. I’m sure glad to have extra hands…cause I still do not have all my knots down.

Knot tying 101. PopPop Sailing School.

Austin’s bowline.

Ruger failed knot tying. It might be a thumb problem.

Taking the helm seriously.

Captain Austin.

Captain Kiera.

And there was dinghy training.

Dingy training was an after hours affair.

Kiera practicing her maneuvers.

Austin does a fine job with his sea trial.

Fortunately PopPop Sailing School had lots of breaks.

Scrabble can be won with three letter words.

Cooling off after a long day.

That’s my line.

Oh noooo PopPop!

Was that the best you got?

No grandchildren were injured…but PopPop may feel that for a while.

There was plenty of fishing…just not any edible catches.

Can we catch our own dolphin?

This is bait?

I’m not sure Kiera is cut out for this part. But Ruger is willing to help out.

Biggest catch of the day.

Not bad, Kiera.

In other news.

Small spaces make for big messes. Really Ruger?

Nanny wants to know if we are there yet!

Every day afternoon storms!

But the storms bring beautiful rainbows.

And relaxing sunsets.

Some well earned tablet time.

Whose bunk is this?

And before you know it, its our last sunrise.

ICW sunrise.

Then it was time for the PopPop Sailing School final.

Kiera’s knot final. Check and Pass!

Austin’s knot final. Check and Pass. (He’s twelve…they come with faces like that.)

Yes, it was there was a written test.

Success. Great job PopPop, Austin and Kiera!!!

With the Roosevelt Bridge in view, we are almost back to the dock.

And just in time…because Zayden Damien Baringer decided that this morning, June 8, 2018 he would make his appearance.

So exciting!!! Grand #8

Proud PopPop.

Three Generations of Baringer Boys.

Mom, Dad, big sis Choloe and baby Zay are all doing great.

Welcome Zayden Damien Baringer!

After some baby hugging and holding, we got onto the task of settling No Ka Oi for the hurricane season at Indiantown Marina. She is filled with cat litter and damp rid, stripped of all her sails and canvas…so we are pretty sure everyone can take a deep breath because we won’t be having any hurricanes in that area since we are totally prepared this year.

No Ka Oi’s first trip through the St. Lucie Lock since we have had her. Thanks Captain John for the assist, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Filler up please.

Hauling out at Indiantown Marina.

She’s on the hard for the summer.

All tied down and no where to go!

And finally, and not just finally for us to be ready to go away for the summer….but finally these two FINALLY tied the knot after eight years together. Russ’ brother Steve and Terri had a lovely wedding at Indian Riverside Park on Sunday, June 17th. It was a perfect June day for a wedding! Congratulations Steve and Terri!

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Baringer.

I know this is a long blog, thanks for sitting through the slide show of the grands…I’d do it for you! We have said our goodbyes, given out lots of hugs and kisses, and we are on our way to SOUTH DAKOTA for the summer and fall!!!! Updates and exciting news along the way, stay tuned, and thanks for following along with us.


‘Hamas: Go Hungry or Go to Marsh Harbour 2016_06_29


Well, we are really quite far from going hungry, the Captain has been doing a great job at fishing, spearing and gathering. But from time to time, you need to replenish the crackers and buy a few cookies. So we made a lazy day or two getting ourselves to Marsh Harbour from Tilloo Cay, via an overnight stop at Man-O-War Cay.

It is regatta week in the Abacos, and as much as we would love to watch the races, we missed out this year. Several beautiful cruisers came in for fuel while we were here, and I think the Bahamian Defense Force went out to keep order. Loan Peak, a J-24, practiced all around the Marsh Harbour for several days.


Regatta time in the Abacos, beautiful cruisers, Bahamas Defense Force, j-boat practicing for regatta.

Grocery shopping is a bit of a hike, or a taxi ride. We need all the exercise we can get, so we hike it. This is the only place I could see needing the bikes this trip, so even in the heat, hiking is O.K. We make rounds to a couple of grocery stores, package store and a bakery. Maxwell’s has the most variety of the ones we can walk to, so a majority of the kitty goes into their cash registers. It’s a nice store and the employees are very helpful and nice.




I oogle around the ice cream isle for a bit. (1) It feels good to open the freezer door. (2) I would love some ice-cream. (3) I talk myself out of ice-cream. (4) I can’t get it back to the boat before it melts. (5) I don’t miss ice-cream enough to eat a whole carton for breakfast. (5) I can’t part with that much money for that much ice-cream! One pint, $9.13 plus 7.5% VAT.


No ice-cream today.

The Captain bought his provisions in the package store. Kalik is at its cheapest in Marsh Harbour. I’m not telling you what that is, but it’s way more than in the states. For beer made in the ‘Hamas. Go figure. This was in their side lot. I thought it might be a big cooler, upon closer inspection, it’s a trash container.IMG_0475


Once the provisioning was complete, we had a little time for an exploring trip. This area is on the North side of the Harbour and is called Fanny Bay. There is a nice area, albeit very shallow to get to by dinghy, for walking the dog just off Fanny Bay, just to the right of the rock wall. Here are some pics of the two islands on the North side of Fanny Bay. At low tide you can walk right across and look out into the Sea of Abaco.

IMG_0387 (2)

Fanny Bay




It is always fun when you go from cay to cay and meet up with friends you have made along the way. We found Phil and Teresa from s/v See Ya, when we arrived in Marsh Harbour. On Friday evening, we were flagged down by Ed from s/v Cattatitude. He really wanted Nyah to come and visit his boat, but he was nice enough to invite us on too. He had Hal and Susan visiting from Dallas, Texas. The fun traveled over to Snappas for a bit of dinner, and dancing to the beat of New Entry Band. I’m pretty sure no one was hurting for fun.IMG_0606


Saturday morning we were once again underway, heading to Green Turtle Cay or Manjack Cay. Once we got close to the Settlement of Green Turtle, we knew we were going to keep going all the way to Manjack. But it looked like there was plenty of action here for the night.d2634ec068dd4fb4a1c163599d4e2131 (2)

This was a pic posted on Facebook and credit to the photographer is missing until we find out who took this. This is the Regatta Cheeseburger Party at Fiddle Cay. Beautiful day, maybe next year will will brave the crowds and check it out in person.IMG_0578

I’ll be busy posting this week to bring you up to date. We have free internet whoo hoo!