PopPop Sailing School, Grands and Weddings: June 2018

We received a call that it was most likely going to happen in the next 48 hours! Grand-baby number 8, Zayden Damien Baringer was on his way. So we rented a car, drove it and the jeep both home…and…it didn’t happen.

I seems Zayden wasn’t ready, he had other plans in mind.

So being the resourceful last minute planners that we have become accustomed to being, we loaded up the rental car with two other grands, and headed back to Marineland to bring the sailboat home. Hopefully we would get it back before Zayden came, and with enough time to get her out to Indiantown and tied down before the upcoming wedding of Russ’ brother Steve and his fiancee, Terri.

Graduates of PopPop Sailing School, Austin and Kiera. Honoree acknowledgement for Ruger the pup.

Before we left Marineland, we spent the morning at the Dolphin Adventure and slinging sand at each other on the beach. I blame PopPop!

Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018

Playin around.

Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018

Austin, Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018

Kiera, Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Newly opened tourist picture rock. They reopened the original entrance for the 80th Anniversary. Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

I see it!

New shark exhibit at Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Russ, Austin, and Kiera, Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Hey, thanks for coming! Marineland Dolphin Adventure June 2018.

Sand slinging Baringer style at our favorite beach.

Got PopPop good!

Farewell Marineland Beach, we will miss you until next time.

We didn’t have a plan for PopPop Sailing School, it just sort of morphed out of keeping a 12 and 10 year old off of their tablets all day and not whining “are we there yet.” In the end…I think we did a pretty good job…at least they were still smiling when we tied up at the dock!

For several days the tablets stayed charged up…we did relent a bit once the everyday rain kept us down below all afternoon.

PopPop Sailing School starts with knots. I’m sure glad to have extra hands…cause I still do not have all my knots down.

Knot tying 101. PopPop Sailing School.

Austin’s bowline.

Ruger failed knot tying. It might be a thumb problem.

Taking the helm seriously.

Captain Austin.

Captain Kiera.

And there was dinghy training.

Dingy training was an after hours affair.

Kiera practicing her maneuvers.

Austin does a fine job with his sea trial.

Fortunately PopPop Sailing School had lots of breaks.

Scrabble can be won with three letter words.

Cooling off after a long day.

That’s my line.

Oh noooo PopPop!

Was that the best you got?

No grandchildren were injured…but PopPop may feel that for a while.

There was plenty of fishing…just not any edible catches.

Can we catch our own dolphin?

This is bait?

I’m not sure Kiera is cut out for this part. But Ruger is willing to help out.

Biggest catch of the day.

Not bad, Kiera.

In other news.

Small spaces make for big messes. Really Ruger?

Nanny wants to know if we are there yet!

Every day afternoon storms!

But the storms bring beautiful rainbows.

And relaxing sunsets.

Some well earned tablet time.

Whose bunk is this?

And before you know it, its our last sunrise.

ICW sunrise.

Then it was time for the PopPop Sailing School final.

Kiera’s knot final. Check and Pass!

Austin’s knot final. Check and Pass. (He’s twelve…they come with faces like that.)

Yes, it was there was a written test.

Success. Great job PopPop, Austin and Kiera!!!

With the Roosevelt Bridge in view, we are almost back to the dock.

And just in time…because Zayden Damien Baringer decided that this morning, June 8, 2018 he would make his appearance.

So exciting!!! Grand #8

Proud PopPop.

Three Generations of Baringer Boys.

Mom, Dad, big sis Choloe and baby Zay are all doing great.

Welcome Zayden Damien Baringer!

After some baby hugging and holding, we got onto the task of settling No Ka Oi for the hurricane season at Indiantown Marina. She is filled with cat litter and damp rid, stripped of all her sails and canvas…so we are pretty sure everyone can take a deep breath because we won’t be having any hurricanes in that area since we are totally prepared this year.

No Ka Oi’s first trip through the St. Lucie Lock since we have had her. Thanks Captain John for the assist, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Filler up please.

Hauling out at Indiantown Marina.

She’s on the hard for the summer.

All tied down and no where to go!

And finally, and not just finally for us to be ready to go away for the summer….but finally these two FINALLY tied the knot after eight years together. Russ’ brother Steve and Terri had a lovely wedding at Indian Riverside Park on Sunday, June 17th. It was a perfect June day for a wedding! Congratulations Steve and Terri!

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Baringer.

I know this is a long blog, thanks for sitting through the slide show of the grands…I’d do it for you! We have said our goodbyes, given out lots of hugs and kisses, and we are on our way to SOUTH DAKOTA for the summer and fall!!!! Updates and exciting news along the way, stay tuned, and thanks for following along with us.


Adventures in Marineland: May/June 2018

Happy Day!

I have two posts to close out our spring trip to St. Augustine and Marineland. The first one will focus on the weeks we were finally able to relax from what seemed to us non-stop busyness since Irma hit last fall.

Marineland is one of those spots for us to relax and unwind. The simple life of walking the beach and kayaking filled our time, and this year…a few extra naps…due to all the rainy weather.

We were blessed with time to visit friends who were passing through, by car (Debbie and Gary), and by boat (Georgette and Gary). Other friends (Pam and Dan) came for a long weekend stay in the marina and we had a great time boating, fishing and tourist-ing the Dolphin Encounter.

Pictures speak louder than words…some sights while walking near the marina.

April Showers bring May flowers

The field was on ablaze with the wildflowers and water was still standing all around from so much rain.

Florida wild flowers

Stop and smell the…weeds, I mean flowers.

Rain, rain, go away. And you can skip another day!

I found these parrots with a little guidance from Brandon, and they sure were noisy.

Make a joyful noise

Good mornings have a beach.

Another storm on its way.

It’s sea turtle nesting season from March to October. This mama had a false crawl, which always makes me a little sad because all those eggs will be dropped out in the ocean.

False crawl.Getting some practice in with the new 600mm lens with a 2x teleconverter.

Getting some practice in with the new 600mm lens with a 2x teleconverter.

Love the birds doing their bird thing along the surf.

Somehow the last time we were here we didn’t go to the Marineland Dolphin Adventure. But we made up for it this time with three trips. This June they were celebrating their 80th anniversary. We had free entrance passes and for ten dollars we turned them into behind the scenes passes, and had a great tour time with our friends Pam and Dan, and Gracie too!

Russ, Dan and Pam from Beufort, SC.


Behind the Scenes Tour:

Marineland Dolphin Adventure. The G is for Georgia Aquarium, who runs the facility.

Behind the scenes, Lion Fish.

You can’t see me.

I’m not an enemy.


The underwater viewing area in the behind the scene tour.

The underwater viewing area in the behind the scene tour.

What’s the last thing you hear a redneck say?

Watch this!

More from the top-side.

Oh yeah! Here comes lunch!


Me! Me! Pick Me!

How many fish do you have in that there bucket?

Will work for food.

Game on.

Take that!


I got this.

I need this for my sailboat.

I just need a little time out.

Bottoms up.

Come cool off with me.

We got a weather window to take a kayaking trip to Princess Place Preserve. These historic grounds are technically in Palm Coast, but just a few creeks away from Marineland by water. We went to the west side of the park and followed creeks keeping to the left and we ended up at this eagles nest. We were not aware it was there ahead of time (here’s more information) Mama and papa were visiting the nest just as we noticed them and then they left, so I didn’t get any pics. But here is juvenile brother. A little research revealed he was not a very nice guy…took out the sibling not too long ago. But that’s the way of the wild.

Juvenile Eagle in nest, Princess Place Preserve.

And a short fly over.

More pics from the kayaking trip.

Nice kayak bud.

You’re interruptin lunch here.

View of the ICW.

We are usually blessed with many beautiful sunsets on our cruising trips, but the weather had a different idea this time. I did manage to catch one or two.

Sun setting on Marineland Marina office and docks.

When there’s no rain, the sunsets are magnificent at Marineland.

Next up will be our trip back to Jensen Beach. Hope you can join us. Thanks for sharing our adventure with us.

Spring Forward: St. Augustine 2018.05.01

We arrived in St. Augustine. Six days wasn’t overly ambitious of us, we would have taken longer, but when there’s favorable winds you do what sailors do…sail!

Here are a few pics from the trip, enjoy.

Home is where the eggs are.


Salty getting his sea legs.


Obedient Pelican.


No Ka Oi in the Mosquito Lagoon.


Sunset Mosquito Lagoon.


Sunrise Mosquito Lagoon


Ponce Light, New Smyrna Beach.


I’m sure I’ll fit, right here!


We have seen many old bridges go and new high rises replace them, but we never saw one torn down before the new one was built. Memorial Bridge, Daytona Beach.


Nice Ride! Daytona Beach.


Good dog/Bad Dog?


Marineland Beach.


Marineland Beach.


Marineland Beach.


ICW sights.


Sunrise, St. Augustine Marina Mooring Fields.


Our favorite bagel shoppe!


Bagel bites for Salty Dog.

It’s going to be a laid back week for us. Thanks for stopping by and sharing our adventure with us!

Heading into the Wind


Heading straight into the wind at 30+ knot winds

This week we find ourselves heading home. Straight into the wind. Which really sums up our feelings about this week…trying to make headway against the wind.

Russ’ brother and girlfriend were in a motorcycle accident the night before Halloween. Thankfully, both are doing well, with mainly leg injuries that with surgery, will heal. Since our time in Marineland was coming to an end anyway, we headed home a few weeks early to see what was needed of us and to prepare for our first winter living aboard.

We drove the van home with the Whaler on the Sunday after the accident, then rented a car to get back to the boat to set out for home.

Wednesday morning was our last walk on the beach, Nyah seemed to know because she kicked up her paws and let loose. We will really miss beach walking, glass hunting and the hard packed sand of Marineland beach.

Last sunrise, sea glass and Nyah running circles on Marineland Beach

Last sunrise, sea glass and Nyah running circles on Marineland Beach.

With final preps complete, we pulled the lines in and headed south, ending day one in Daytona Beach.

See you soon Marineland

See you soon Marineland

Day two took us to Titusville.

Sunrise in Daytona Beach, boat we liked along the way. Pounce Light, keeping watch, sunset Titusville.

Sunrise in Daytona Beach, boat we liked along the way, Ponce Light, keeping watch, sunset in Titusville.

Day three, we made Palm Bay, but with an early morning rain shower, we had a beautiful rainbow in Titusville as we pulled the anchor.

Early am showers brought beautiful rainbow, Titusville

Early am showers brought beautiful rainbow, Titusville


Day four started in Palm Bay and brought us back to Jensen Beach, but with the shorter days, we had to drop anchor off Indianriverside Park for the night.

Early to rise, gets you a glimpse of moon, planets and stars as well as the sunrise. A little walk on a spoil island, boats we pass, boats that pass us

Early to rise, gets you a glimpse of moon, planets and stars as well as the sunrise, Nyah needs a stretch, A little walk on a spoil island, boats we pass, boats that pass us

Final day. We left Jensen Beach and when we got to the St. Lucie inlet it was so clear, we had to stop and scrub the bottom…well the Captain did anyway. We had been hearing the Coast Guard reporting warnings about the boat stuck in the inlet. Looks like they were ready to lift it out.

Jensen Beach to Palm City, our last leg. Boat cleaning and derelict boats along the way

Jensen Beach to Palm City, our last leg. Boat cleaning and derelict boats along the way

We hope you had a wonderful week, the wind may have been on our nose, but it can’t keep us from moving ahead. Enjoy the week ahead!

Happy Halloween and Other Adventures of the Week


2015_10_31 IMG_2548

We have been very busy this week, too busy actually. Our summer of leisure has finally caught up with us, and we were forced to deal with a few projects we had been putting off  “until tomorrow.”

We started out the week with an afternoon at the dedication of the turtle hospital at U.F. Whitney Labs. It was nice to see inside all the buildings we had been looking at while we were here.

2015_10_24 Sea Creatures, Is that a lobster? Please pick up your trash, Future scientist?

2015_10_24 Sea Creatures, Is that a lobster? Please pick up your trash, Future scientist?

This washed up on Saturday and was interesting to examine. We see these homemade rafts from time to time and pray that the people made it to safety and were not lost at sea.

2015_10_24 Homemade raft

2015_10_24 Homemade raft

On Sunday afternoon and evening we had a little marina get together, and a bonfire.

2015_10_25 Russ and Dale's bonfire

2015_10_25 Russ and Dale’s bonfire

Here is project number one for the week, sewing some “hold us over” side curtains with some remenant fabric we got at the Sailors Exchange. Not bad for the working conditions and staff.

2015_10_26 Sewing with help

2015_10_26 Sewing with help

One of our unplanned issue was the engine on our Boston Whaler. At 28 years old, the motor decided it was time to give us a hard time. We were hoping to push this replacement off into 2016, but it wouldn’t work out that way. Our wonderful Captain, being the resourceful and thrifty guy he is, found a new one to us, in St. Petersburg, FL.  After an extensive tour of the state of Florida (ie, going all the way home to get the trailer for the Whaler and then going to St. Pete and back to Marineland, in one very long day,) he was able to remove the old engine and  installed the the new to us 50hp Yamaha. Thanks to our helpful friends at the marina who kept his back from being broken in the lifting process!

2015_10_27 Old Motor, New Motor, Job well done Captain!

2015_10_27 Old Motor, New Motor, Job well done Captain!

A few days later, he was able to install the tac and oil gauges for the new motor, I think he has  the Whaler back in working condition. Did I tell you how wonderful it is to have a handy Captain!!! And he’s so cute too.

2015_10_27 Finalizing motor installation

2015_10_27 Finalizing motor installation

There is something special about watching the full moon on a high tide over the ocean. The extra lights you can see on the horizon are the shrimp boats out doing their thing.

2015_10_26 Almost full moon

2015_10_26 Almost full moon

Project number two, was to deal with the tree that was hit by lighting over the summer, at our Umatilla property. Mast climbing gear works well for this application, and the Captain wasn’t  tossed around by any unexpected boat wake.

2015_10_27 Tree trimming 101

2015_10_27 Tree trimming 101

As long as the mast climbing gear was out, the Captain was glad to help Steve, on Island Finz, get to the top of his PDQ mast and find out what it is like when a bit of boat wake comes along.

2015_10_28 Steve mast climbing

2015_10_28 Steve mast climbing

The Captain impressed the crew and everyone at the marina with his pumpkin carving skills. Happy Halloweeen!

2015_10_31 Happy Halloween

2015_10_31 Happy Halloween

We made a trip home for a couple of days and got to spend some time with our youngest son, Josiah, who just finished up the 1989 Tour in Tampa and came to visit. Thanks for our favorite pizza and garlic knots at Luna’s.

2015_11_02 Dinner with Josiah at Luna's

2015_11_02 Dinner with Josiah at Luna’s

Our summer at Marineland/St. Augustine area is coming to a close. We will be bringing the No Ka Oi south during the next week, check out our trip in next weeks blog. Have a great week!

Exploring Old Florida and Other Adventures of the Week

2015_09_21 Fernandina Beach

2015_09_21 Fernandina Beach

This week we got out and did some exploring. We are having regular discussions on when we should be moving along, but we are enjoying this area of Florida so much. We have never had the time to explore it to our liking, so we are staying put for a little longer, to see what we have been missing.

The weather turned just slightly fall this week and we were able to take advantage of several beautiful days. We took the bike out  and also made it to St. Augustine with our marina buddies for a great time in the old town.

Saturday, we wanted to go north, but when we hit rain and the radar said it was clear to the South…we made a U-turn. We had a great ride down A1A along the beach. We had lunch at Finns overlooking Flagler Beach and ended up at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. The singer/guitar player at the Hidden Treasure Rum Bar & Grill, across the street, was great and we managed to be undercover for the only other rain shower we had that day.

2015_09_19 Marineland to Ponce Inlet

2015_09_19 Marineland to Ponce Inlet

Sunday morning was spent on some boat repairs. Fortunately, not ours. Russ and Steve teamed up their expertise and helped with some wiring issues on one of the fellow marina boats. Then off to St. Augustine with Steve, Cindy and their little wonder dog, Molly.

We had a late lunch at Hurricane Patty’s, wine tasting at San Sebastian Winery, and a foot tour of the marina and St. George Street.

2015_09_20 St. Augustine, wine tasting, down town

2015_09_20 St. Augustine, wine tasting, down town

Russ said I could get my own transportation. Not sure which to go with. What do you think?

2015_09_20 Choices, choices???

2015_09_20 Choices, choices???

This was a remarkable treat from Kilwins, granny smith apple covered with caramel, white chocolate and cinnamon. They call it Apple Pie.

2015_09_20 Kilwins' Apple Pie caramel apple.

2015_09_20 Kilwins’ Apple Pie caramel apple.

I have no words for this, none.

2015_09_20 No Words

2015_09_20 No Words

Monday we made our way North. We jumped on A1A, north of the St. Augustine inlet, and took the Coastal Highway all the way to Fernandino Beach. We had lunch in Ponte Verde at a great place called Pusser’s Bar and Grille. They had a Caribbean menu. Russ had a mahi sandwich with pineapple salsa and I had the  fish tacos with a side of rice, perfectly cooked with coconut milk.

2015_09_21 Harley ride from Marineland to Fernandina Beach

2015_09_21 Harley ride from Marineland to Fernandina Beach



2015_09_21 Fishing Boats at Mayport Village

Mayport Village is truly a small town with a fishing problem, possibly a Navy and Coast Guard one too. A1A stops there for the St. John’s River. You can go around, or you can take the ferry. Going around is a long way and I had never been on a ferry, I was giddy like a fifth grader.

2015_09_21 St. John's River Ferry

2015_09_21 St. John’s River Ferry

Of course, with all these boats and beach houses, someone was calculating whether he can up-grade or get something else.

2015_09_21 Calculating how much can I spend and what do I really want

2015_09_21 Calculating how much can I spend and what do I really want

Then our last leg north through Big Talbot Island State Park and Amelia Island. This was a fabulous bike ride, the scenery is amazing. We rested at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Marina and drove around town, but had to be on our way before we could explore too much. We will be coming back to see more.

2015_09_21 Downtown Fernandina Beach

2015_09_21 Downtown Fernandina Beach

It was a beautiful week with just the beginnings of all the exploring we can do. I’m only troubled by one thing, maybe one of you Navy guys could clears this up for me…what exactly is this???

2015_09_21 What is this?

2015_09_21 What is this?

Have a safe week. I’m about to land in San Francisco to hold grand-babies for a week. If you’re feeling sorry for Russ, come take him for a bike ride.

2015_09_22 About to land in San Francisco

2015_09_22 About to land in San Francisco

Did Erica Mess with Your Week?

2015_08_25 Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine

2015_08_25 Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine

We had our first trial run with a potential hurricane as live-aboards. Erica had everyone in Florida and up the coast to South Carolina glued to the National Hurricane Center. There were more spaghetti (models) put out than you could find at Olive Garden. No firm warnings for Florida were issued, because of all the variables created when the storm crossed the islands of Hispaniola and Cuba. We can’t remember a scenario like that, ever.

So what are good sailors to do with a looming hurricane, a boat and a house that are hours away from each other, and you need to head back home for a bridal shower and a birthday party?

No, we did not cancel going home.

Yes, we prepared the boat for the kind of winds they were calling for if Erica had decided to come this way and we couldn’t get back in time.

We stripped everything off the deck that we could and stowed it below. This would have created an uncomfortable couple of days had we stayed on the boat. We put out extra lines and tied the boat out further into the slip for potentially higher tides and wind. In the past, we would have also taken the bimini off the frame, but with our solar panels, this is quite a job, so Russ reinforced the bimini with lines.

Here’s the stuffed boat and the cleared decks. The Boston Whaler was also girded up to the boat extra tight. Of course everyone knows the good news…Erica dissipated at sea and we just got more rain than we have been getting every day. Upon returning, we found everything in good order, except for the corner of the windshield cover coming loose. It was a good practice.

2015_07_27 Hurricane Erica preparations

2015_07_27 Hurricane Erica preparations

In other news we had a great week prior to the storm and also a nice visit home.

We took our bikes into St. Augustine on Saturday night (8/22) after church. We had dinner at One Twenty Three Burger House, a new diner style eatery on King Street. We had great burgers, but were too full to have ice-cream or a shake. Although, I did try a sample of the cappuccino ice-cream…mmm, going back for some of that, for sure. Then we rode downtown and parked ourselves on the corner of St. George Street and Hypolita Street, to listen to the music and people watch. The music was great and we are still wondering how people can walk in some of the shoes they were wearing, and why they would pick them to begin with.

2015_08_22 One Twenty Three Burger House

2015_08_22 One Twenty Three Burger House

I found this little guy on the beach. He is not a sea turtle, so I was a bit concerned. I left Mr. Gopher turtle alone and when I came back to check on him, he was gone, his tracks leading straight up the dune. I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

2015_08_23 Gopher Turtle on Marineland beach

2015_08_23 Gopher turtle on Marineland beach

Sunday night we had a wonderful dinner at Schooner’s with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Roger. It was a great evening of catching up and finding out what everyone is up too. These two amaze me, they work more hours a week at their church than they did before they retired!

2015_08_23 Aunt Mary, Uncle Roger, Jennifer, Russ

2015_08_23 Aunt Mary, Uncle Roger, Jennifer, Russ

The next day, we took the Whaler up to St. Augustine for lunch at Hurricane Patty’s and over to the Bridge of Lions for a look-see at downtown from the water. It was a perfect day.

2015_08_25 Hurricane Patty's and St. Augustine

2015_08_25 Hurricane Patty’s and St. Augustine

Well, we can’t have all play and no work, so Russ donned the dive gear to brush the bottom and check on the zincs. He was all about his business when two rather playful manatees came over to see how they might help him at his chores. I think he missed his Tom Sawyer moment to pass on his brush, but you know how that goes.

2015_08_26 Bottom cleaning with manatees

2015_08_26 Bottom cleaning with manatees

Then we packed up and went home for the weekend. It was perfect timing.

I was able to attend Lindsay Allison’s bridal shower and share in the fun and joy of her upcoming marriage to Doug Davis. This is a wonderful couple and the shower was beautiful. With the help of Allison Jochum, we decorated the prettiest bride ever with toilet paper and won the prize! Mine was this beautiful beach towel, perfect for this sailor girl.

2015_08_29 Lindsay's Bridal Shower

2015_08_29 Lindsay’s Bridal Shower

Russ did “manly” things, like changing fluids in his Harley and going for a ride. Then we were blessed to celebrate Curt Moore’s birthday and visit with many friends we haven’t seen in a long time. There is no pictorial evidence of the night’s adventure, which was a multi-stop tour from Jensen Beach to Port Salerno. I do believe, fun was had by all, even if one had to get older to instigate it.

Sunday night we had dinner with Russ’ mom, Joyce and she got to see his newest tattoo for the first time.

2015_08_30 Dinner with Mom

2015_08_30 Dinner with Mom

After picking up all the loose stuff that lives around our house, in case of any future hurricane threats, we loaded up the motorcycle on the trailer and headed back to the boat. Russ is seriously trying to figure out how to get his baby on the davits…I’m sure!

2015_09_03 Motorcycle Davits?

2015_09_03 Motorcycle Davits?

Well that’s our adventures for the past week or so, we hope that Erica did not mess with your week too much and that this coming Labor Day weekend is a special blessing for each of you.