Georgia 2017_04_01 to 2017_05_31: The Fun Stuff


We are worse than glampers (glamorous campers,) we tend to take everything, including the kitchen sink with us. It’s how we roll. We made reservations for the the months of April and May at an RV park in the Georgia Mountains. We didn’t really know what we would do while we were there, so we brought plenty…just so we didn’t run out of things to do!

When all was said and done…the kayaks were the only toys we brought and didn’t use. Not bad for a two month stay. (But, in our defense…the water is very cold in April and May…Florida people just didn’t know!)

I’m busting this up into two blogs because there are a lot of pictures of all the fun things we did and all the fun people we did them with. This is the fun stuff Blog.

We made a two day trip on our way to Cleveland, Georgia. We stayed one night at O’leno State Park, in High Springs, Florida (just Northwest of Gainesville.) I love this park. It is full of CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) hard workmanship that is still in place since the 1930’s. It was one of the first nine parks in the Florida State Park system. The trails along the Santa Fe River are quiet and relaxing. We only had a night, but my evening hike was filled with birds, fish, squirrels and a snake! It was a great way to stretch my legs after a long day of driving.

We took the long way…Yeah the turnpike was shorter…Do you know how much that many axles cost???

CCC Workmanship from the 1930’s is still awesome to look at.

O’Leno State Park. CCC built the suspension bridge. Beautiful hiking along the Santa Fe River, and (bottom right) the view from our campsite.

We did one night at Casa Walmart, so we could get on our site in Paradise Valley RV Resort, first thing in the morning. Our creek side lot was beautiful. The Park itself is very friendly, quiet, and offered a variety of activities.

Our arrival the first of April allowed us to watch spring happen in full force, something these Florida people don’t see at home. Cleveland is located only 15 minutes from Helen,  offers stunning rides across the mountain (on 129 or the Richard Russell Scenic Highway,) to Blairsville and Blue Ridge, and is about 45 minutes to Hiawassee and the North Carolina State line. It was just the right home-base for our two month stay.

Everything and the kitchen sink. Glamping, at Paradise RV Resort, Cleveland, Georgia

Our first week was full of rain and cool, well actually, down-right cold for us Florida people! But we survived and took the time to have some much needed rest.

April showers bring May Flowers! Might as well take a nap Pepe!

Time lapse of our back window view. April 1st through May 28th.

We were excited when the rain stopped and we could get out and explore. After a little off-road exploring…we decided to work on my mountain skills on paved roads for a while!

Riding the Enduros to Blairsville. I’m not sure I can do these curvy mountain roads!!!

Just another riding day! Out on the Harley and a picnic lunch overlooking the waterfall at Vogel State Park.

These are some of the views on a ride to Helen, and a loop around to 129, back to Cleveland.

Roads and Rivers…along the way to Helen, Georgia.

We definitely used the Jeep on this adventure…the truck would have done fine, but…it’s a Jeep!

Dick’s Creek Falls while we were out for some off-road jeep riding.

Another Jeep adventure through Raven’s Cliff Forest Road. There was a beautiful meadow right beyond the road closed sign.

Smithgall Woods State Park was just around the corner from us. We had many great hikes and on this trip we decided to ride our bicycles. Do you want a leg work-out…yeah…forget the spin class! We even saw a bear, making his way through the woods.

Smithgall Woods State Park. We made it to the other side of the park!

Actually, the video is hilarious…I’m almost convinced to go with a paid WordPress site just so I can show you Russ getting his feet wet. He said it wasn’t deep…he was wrong!

What’s the last thing you hear a red-neck say…”Watch this!” Smithgall Woods State Park.

We parked the bicycles and headed out on the Cathy Ellis trail. It was a fairly easy hike back to the Chunanee waterfall. The problem with Smithgall Woods, is getting from the parking area to the great hiking areas. We still have several trails, like the gold mine trail, to go back and visit.

Cathy Ellis Trail to Chunanee Falls. Smithgall Woods State Park.

Russ decided we needed to check out some property for sale near Clayton…and we hadn’t checked the area out…so off we went for another day of fantastic riding and views!

Harley ride to Clayton, Georgia.

I was blessed with a new camera for Mother’s Day. I will have to change my name from Nanny Click Click to Nanny Click Click Click Click…..

Mother’s day 2017. New Camera (from Russ) and professional strap (from Josiah and Jennette.)

One thing this area of Georgia is not short on is fantastic waterfalls. We saw as many as we could and still have many more to see.

Amicalola Falls, Dawsonville, Georgia.

Amicalola Falls, Dawsonville, Georgia.

Back out of the Enduros to check out Unicoi State Park. Looks like a great place to camp, with three different areas, and just a short ride to Anna Ruby Falls.

A quick ride on the enduros, up to Unicoi State Park, just outside of Helen.

Dahlonega is a cute little town, with something happening all the time. We drove over several times to stroll through the antique shops and we had a grand time at the Art, Wine, and Jazz Festival.

Dahlonega Art, Wine and Jazz Festival.

Helton Creek Falls are located between 129 and the Richard Russell Scenic Highway. We actually found out about the other access point from a young couple in a little car, who asked if there was another way out, without having to ford two creeks! Yep…Jeep time! Creeks are on the Richard Russell entrance side. And so are the geese!

Helton Creek Falls, between 129 and Richard Russell Scenic Highway.

Our weekly trip to Jim’s. Mmmm!

Jim’s Smokin Que. Blairsville, Georgia.

The ladies at Paradise get together on Thursday mornings and do a little quilting. I was blessed with great instruction from our leader, Anne Raptis. This is my little table runner, not bad for my first quilting project.

My little quilt project at Paradise.

Also sewed a nice vest for Pepe Le Pew.

Mom made me wear this ridiculous contraptions. She said she could contain me.

She was wrong!

Early April view, before the leaves filled in.

Things you see in North Georgia.

Where’s the House?

We had so much fun on our trip to North Georgia. There is so much to do, the scenery is absolutely fabulous, and we will be back!

Creek-side, Fire-pit and a table for your drink. What else do you need?

As always, thanks for following along with our adventure. I’ll post all the picks with all the wonderful people we met and hung out with on our trip to North Georgia next!

Ships Cat, Pepe Le Pew

2015_07_30 We own the couch

2015_07_30 We own the couch

While Mom and Dad were off bike riding down the beach, Nyah and I decided to take over the blog, well mostly me, because Nyah’s paws are way too big to work the keyboard, and she is only a dog.

Nyah and Me learning how to take selfies 2015_07_23

Teaching Nyah how to take selfies 2015_07_23 (as you can see, I’m trying to be patient)


I hear people asking all the time about how we are doing on the boat and I wanted to make sure you heard the scoop correctly. Nyah has been telling me about travelling on the sailboat since she started going about three years ago, and as usual, she is loving it. To be honest with you, it was just fine with me when they all left for a weekend and I could do my cat thing…sleep in peace all day.

We have family rules about over sharing, but before we left, Mom and Dad had quite a few animated discussions about me travelling with them. Someone, who shall remain anonymous, thought that having a litter box on-board was going to be a stinky problem, and that I could go a “stray” when we were at a dock. But everything worked out and I eventually got passage on this voyage.

I must say that Dad took care of one of these problems quite well. This is the box he built that houses my litter box. He built it in the garage while Mom was away visiting that new grand-baby (gosh, those things are so overrated.) He tested the size by putting me in at various stages to make sure I fit. I am quite stout, if you didn’t know. Once completed, he thoughtfully allowed me to test it out at home before we went to live aboard status. The fact that he already knew that I could use it didn’t deter me from holding it a day or so to protest my new living conditions. I’m not about to let these people think they are really in control. Stout cats rule, and I find it rather nice that I have a little privacy to do my business without Nyah watching everything I do or getting into it when I’m finished.

2015_05_20 Litter Box by Russ

2015_05_20 Litter Box by Russ

The box nicely fits my Breeze Litter System. Mom is always telling people how much she likes it because there is no messy litter to deal with. The pellets catch the big stuff on top and all the wet stuff goes into a disposable pad below for her to change once a week. And the box Dad built is doing a fine job of keeping any odor inside. The fam is ecstatic about how the box is working in such a small living space.

My Box works well. 2015_07_23

My first day on the boat was a bit scary, I was not at all happy about this, as you can see from this pic of me.

Pepe Le Pew's first day 2015_06_07

Pepe Le Pew’s first day 2015_06_07


Nyah was really making me mad,  acting like this was a piece of cake and stretching out for a nap, like it is every day that you roll back and forth and as if engine noise wasn’t scary.

Nyah Napping 2015_06_10


Don’t tell Mom, but after a few days, I stayed up all night and stalked the boat. I made my way to the top of the bimini and crawled under the solar panels to play with a few lines. It is also fun to spy on people from the little windows that are all around the boat. I can hardly wait for something exciting to sneak on board, so I can show off the real reason I am the ships cat.

Pepe Le Pew 2015_06_10

Pepe Le Pew 2015_06_10

Over-all this isn’t all that bad. There is plenty of room down below in the cabin for Nyah and I to wrestle around and play, mostly like we are accustomed to at home, except we can’t get up to a good speed for a game of chase. We own the couches, and only let the fam sit on them when we want them too. I have claimed the very bottom of the mast for my scratch pad, it wasn’t being put to good use anyways. Their other worry about me jumping ship was unfounded, the food is good here.

Couch hogs 2015_07_27

Couch hogs 2015_07_27

Now if you tell Mom and Dad that I’m pretty comfy and like it here, I’ll have to deny it, because you know us cats…we have to be in control, and one of the ways we do this is by not letting our owners know for sure what we really think.

Ship Cat, Pepe Le Pew 2015_07_29

Ship Cat, Pepe Le Pew 2015_07_29

Ships Cat, Pepe Le Pew